Monday, December 6, 2010

THE social event of the year, no less.....

Oops missed a day somewhere, somehow. Did start one yesterday when I got home after teaching 2 childrens birthday parties, making yesterdays challenge tag, prepping class for tomorrow, making samples for preview, visiting the girlies, sorting Ben a tree, folding all the washing, internet Christmas shopping and akeeping an eye on my Ebay auctions. It was then I discovered I had left the camera at the studio. Duh.!! So I abandoned the post thinking I could redo it this morning and then promptly forgot all about it, lmao.
It's now 11 pm and I have just finished everything else so it's now time to blog.....

As you all know we always have a preview day where you can come and see all the new projects for the following two months of workshops. Well this time we are making it a little different. We will still be having the preview ( of course its always touch and go wether I will get all the projects finished or not, Our Ben visibly ages over these remaining two weeks). But we are also having a taster/demo day. The lovely Sandy Poppins and Kate Crane are both teaching some of next brochures classes for me and so it is a little introduction for you. Sandra is a whizz at scrapbooking and mini albums whereas Kate is the Queen of inky/messy/painty. We will be having 3 taster classes that day.

Kate  10 - 11am

Sandra 12 - 1pm

Moi -2 -3pm

The classes cost £5.00 which will be refunded from your purchases on the day. We are having to limit you to 2 classes each I,m afraid to give as many as we can a chance. As to what we are teaching, well it could be anyones guess really, lol. If only to give Ben a few grey hairs.!!! They will be inky, painty, stampy, messy and most importantly lots of fun. Pick a teacher and enjoy the mystery tour..

Myself and Bezzie Su will be demoing all day long so you can come and hang around as we bicker at each other and provide you with endless entertainment.

The lovely Katie will be whizzing around answering your questions, taking your bookings and totting up your purchases.

I haven,t yet got round to asking the gorgeous frizzle of frizzleness. Marie, if she is available for hire, but heres hoping she hasn't got anything more pressing, or exciting on that day. Mind you what could be more thrilling than being here with us lot..?? Okay don;t answer that one, lol.

The stupendous Sexy Susie has not been asked because it would be nigh on impossible for her to have the day off from running her mahoosive retail empire on the biggest buying day of her year. Though again why people would want to battle throught the crowds when they could be joining us is a complete mystery, don't you think?? She will however be here in presence as we all periodically sing Dr Hooks "when you're in love with a beautiful women" and smile fondly.!!

Have I sold it to you yet..?? This promises to be THE event of the year, never mind your Christmas parties, and don't even get me started on the Royal wedding, this is the one that will eclipse them all. Ok nuff said get over HERE and book your spot before it's too late.

PS any offers of cake, muffins, mince pies or other little tit bits gratefully recieved. All profits to charity as per usual. And any tea makers and redundant washer uppers who have nothing pressing on that day, I am sure if you ask nicely, I can find you a job..!!!

So onto the |Advent challenge.

Hows about this one from 8 year old Joseph. Its pretty nifty to say the least and he cut the bird out all by himself. Mr Holtz you'd better keep on your toes, thats all I can say.!!

Joseph is Kates son, and she has a new tag on her blog...

And Sandy is loving being snowed in in Yorkshire and making tags like a madwoman...

And the lovely Chris (fellow Northern Soulie I might add) has got her own version going in her journal. Yes Chris it does count. One of these days I will get round to blogging some fabby journal pages of Chris's, you know, when I get a minute lol.

Here was yesterdays menu

and the result

and heres today's

and the result

Right so its back to the Quality Street and Les Miserables....... Heaven.

PS,  Jane (which one I,m not sure, lol), with the brother who did the lighting, I've only one thing to say....


Enjoy xx


Dina said...

Aw, man, I wanna come. ;) Eat 47894 Quality Streets for me, please.

Kirsten Alicia said...

I SO want to be there, I wish I had a fairy godmother!! No need to say I hope everyone has a wonderful time, 'cos I know they will.
The new tags are fantastic; I LOVE the robin with the Dr Martin type boots!!
Have a great Tuesday.

susie f said...

Dear sexy Miss D
Unfortunately you're right I will be controlling the madding crowds on that day, but will be there in spirit!!
ps. so glad you managed to find a pic of me with ALL my chins my pj's....with a drink in hand....typical friday night when I'm with you!!!
Love ya muchly

Sandra Hall said...

I've got me some new Christmas Decs...oh yeah baby...handmade an' all! Yep I've put my 'tags' on the tree...they match an' everything! And check out my FUN one for today! (Took longer than 15 mins though - I think I'm chucking that rule out the window!) See you tomorrow - I'm calling in for a flying visit! x

chrisg said...

Hi Dyan - Loving the tags and the challenge - although I dont strictly play by the rules LOL - Thanks for the mention in dispatches amd to Sandra - Wish I could make the taster days (wish I could buy more stash!) but just getting back into work, finances dictate otherwise. Wishing you a fun filled taster day with the girlies

Unknown said...

Now those are some deeply attractive photos honey lol

After perusing my pic, I believe I may have very a promising career in panto ahead of me, especially if anyone is producing Peter Pan and needs a generously proportioned Captain Hook. Aha me 'earties *winks*

Susie honey, I didn't realise you wore anything other than flannel pj's with strawberry mojito accessories lol. I always assumed it was a northern fashion trend :-P

I shall be there . . . and I shall be doing something . . . anything . . . everything . . . well what do you need me to do ? Will it involve my new shiny double oven ? ? ? Will it involve eating all those Quality Streets for Dina ? I know it's a tough job, but I would do that for you & for her, That's just the kind of lovely friend I am. I take on those perilious jobs that no one else is brave enough to do :)

Biggest every snogs and huggity hugs
Me x x x x

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