Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh yay, oh yay...

So peeps, did you get your newsletter..???

Did you read it..???

 Are you coming..???


Preview/Open Day/taster workshops on Sat 10 - 4pm

Classes with me, Kate and Sandy.

All day demos with me and Bezzie Su

Lots of chit chat with the lovely Katie and the frizzle of frizzleness.

Buns, cake and tea.


Fun, fun, fun.

For all the details HERE

Spotted this fabby Manifesto for Women in Business and so have pinched it for you all.

It came from this fabby blog HERE
And heres the next two Advent tags.

Enjoy xx

1 comment:

Sandra Hall said...

Fabby tags Dy - I've lost the plot a little with mine - BUT - I've handed in my next essay, finished College till next year and I'm back in Durham so got time for a little play in the morning...
That manifesto is brilliant, I shall go check out the blog now. See you Saturday! x x x

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Louisa May Alcott