Thursday, December 16, 2010

Down with a bang..!!!

This is going to be a real quickie, as I have been in the wars a bit. I got out of the car at the bottom of the studio steps, turned to activate the central locking and didn't spot the black ice. My feet went from under me and I landed firstly on my left elbow and then my shoulder. Luckily my head didnt hit the ground as it was saved by smacking into The Babes car instead..!¬!! I have ripped clothes and unfortunately ripped skin. I am extremely tender and struggling to type, so without further ado heres the next two Advent tags

Just be careful when you're out and about.....

Enjoy xx


Sarah said...

oh that sounds really nasty, poor you!

I hope you heal up quickly

Ms.Hudson said...

Oh No! Sorry about your fall feel better soon. Today's tag's look so lovely!

Sandra Hall said...

Aaargh, Dy, I hope you're ok? Have you been checked at the hospital for broken/chipped bones? You should - just to be safe.
The tags are great - I love the way you've used the words to frame the second one :)

borgqueen said...

Never mind all the sympathy for you - how is the Babe's car? Does it have a Dy shaped dent in it?!

chrisg said...

Ouch! I'm with Sandra on this one -best get yourself checked over just to be sure. You don't want to be battered and bruised over the hols.
Tags are looking spiffing as always.
Good luck to you and the girls tomorrow (wish i was coming :( )

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ooo, poor you. Sounds like you really did go down with a bang. Some tlc from a nice young fireman might help take some of the pains away. Hope you recover quickly with no real dammage done.

Chris said...

oh noooo... hope you don't feel tooo battered and bruised Dy. I hate the ice.
Your crafty tags are ace though so the fall hasn't stopped you creating fab art thankfully :D
Chris xx

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