Friday, December 17, 2010

"Did I tell you about the time, on the way home from church , I killed a goat" !!!!

Well I,m still here, nothing broken, just battered and bruised, lol. Despite that we had a great day in the beginners Art Journal workshop. Unfortunately, due to the ice we were waaaaaay down in numbers with only four making it. Today was all about hidden journaling and so they spent the first hour expressing what Christmas meant to them. We then chopped it all up and altered it into the following. I was sooooo pleased with them all as they all concentrated so hard and produced stunning results.

This is the lovely Donna's, who came bearing gifts of book pages in French, German and Welsh. Much handier than the usual Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh, don't you think..??

This was the lovely Ann's to whom the title of this post is dedicated. Yes, she actually came out with this quote during the lesson. I tell you, you needed to be there to appreciate it. Another of her little gem's was

"Let me tell you about the time I failed as a Morris dancer"...

Oh yes it's gems like these that keep me going, lmao...

She also arrived bearing gifts in the shape of Christmas crackers.  Unfortunately it was only when I was walking into the supermarket that I realised, from the strange looks, I was still wearing the frikkin paper hat.!!

This next one is the lovely Gill's, whose 7 yr old daughter has asked for one of my classes as her Christmas pressie this year. Awwwww how sweet is that..??

And last but not least, the other lovely Gill, who faced the unenviable task of eating all the unwanted, left over Snickers from the tin of Celebrations..!!!

And heres my contribution to the proceedings

And the next two Advent tags

Surely I must be caught up on those by now..??

Right its after midnight, I have finished all but one of the preview projects, yes you heard correctly.. What do you mean you're shocked.?? How ruuuuuude...!!!!!, lol.
 The studio is spotless ( yeah right ) just needs hoovering, the projects are in place, the demo stands are in position, buns and biccies bought, diary updated, kettle filled, lilies in vase, blue lollipops hidden from Bezzie, boots polished and any minute now blog will be posted. its goodnight from me, and I'll see you all tomorrow. Doors open at 10am...

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Those are fab pages and tags. I hope you recover from your fall quickly - no more whiskey for breakfast!!! xx

Kirsti said...

Hope you have the most fab and lush demo day honey...wish I could have made it down...too much snow and not enough childcare:0(

suzyq said...

I hope you've had an absolutley fabulous day darling. misssing you and all. I,m very sorry but i won't be coming over tomorrow. No it's not the weather keeping me in Liverpool. I've driven through ice and snow to get my fix of art journaling and the lovely and talented art journaling girlies in the past , no this time i've be knobbled by swine flu. Lol
take care, sue xxx

olive said...

looking good... hope you arent feeling too bad Dy.
Won't be at journalling as Lee not well and I dont trust our car in this weather..... xx

Chris said...

Your blog posts always have me giggling and I love this one...pmsl

Love all the fab journalling pages they are wonderful and so gorgeously colourful.

More fab advent tags too... I am having a hoot doing mine :D

Chris xx

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