Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Summer workshops are now online.....!!!You can book them HERE.

Heres a few piccies of some of them

For more details and to book any of the above workshops go HERE.

The weekends Ranger techniques workshop was a great success, I had to prise them out of their seats on the Sunday teatime...!!!

 Heres Lou (who was almost as barking as me..!!!) and Alison.

Chris and Emily

Laura and Sue

And Barbara and Melanie

Barbara is an absolute darling, and has adopted me, lol. She came back on the Monday and cleaned the Studio for me...how nice is that..???  I recieved a gorgeous email off her this morning and felt I needed to share it with you all..

Hi gorgeous
Thank you soooo much for a totally fantastic weekend. I didn't want it to end!!
If you get to your premises one morning, and fall over what looks like a pile of junk, well that would just be me.
I am about to haul myself up the ladder into the loft to see if there is anything up there that would make a warm sleeping bag.
Seriously, I just didn't want the time spent on your amazing lesson to end. DYAN ROCKS, OK!!!! I have started the countdown to October.
You won't get rid of me that easily!!
Don't let ANY b...ard grind you down. You want lights punching out? Then let me know!!! [only joking about Grommit, he has a lovely face].
Take care and keep smiling
Barbara W xxxx
How nice is that..??? Oh and yes she met the lovely Grommit when he popped in to give me a run down of the Northern Soul weekender that I missed out on..!!!
Next is a picture of the tags I made for a swap the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman was hosting. As per usual I was last minute...oops. They have gone Kirsty honest..!!

Just look what flew through the door yesterday...I am soooooo excited..!!!! It is the latest collection from Graphic 45 and it is firkkin fantabulous...!!!  Its Halloween in Wonderland...

heres a few snippets

You can order it from our website HERE

I need to warn you though, its flying out the door as we speak. Luckily I snaffled all mine last night after Our Ben had gone home, lmao....

Remeber I showed you the photo of the Union Jack chair, and I said it had my name on it..??? Well ||I got a phone call yesterday from the lovely Sue at Craftwork cards, to say it might well have my name on it but it actually had her Ass on it..!!!lmao. Yup its actually her chair and is gracing her dining room as we speak..!!

Ha ha my name her ass..!!!

Yup thats Richards ass as well...a mighty fine ass, but I,m a bit dubious as to wether it will fit in there..!!!  lmao....oops thats me in trouble again..!!!

Talking about them leads me onto The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza (GNPE) which is always held twice a year at The Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate. This year it is a little earlier than usual, Sat ?Sun 11th 12th of September. You can pre order your tickets HERE  As usual I will be teaching a breakfast workshop. We will be getting a bit lairy with my new spray inks, no doubt..!!! Keep your eyes peeled for when they get released as I normally sell out pretty quick, lol.

Right I need to go and chase up some more of those gorgeous, gorgeous inks of mine, as yet again we have sold out..!!! You are going crazy for them and I really don't blame you as they are fabulous, even thoughj I say so myself, lol...!!!

Oooh nearly forgot, this photo came from the lovely Sandra, one of my good, Northern Soulie mates. She was taking a photo of me cradling my inks , for her blog, and she got rather more than she bargained for..!!!!

Well...at least I won't drown..!!!!!lmao

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Loving all the new summer classes...sadly none on at the time I will be down your way...never mind...on countdown now to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party this Saturday!!! take care and enjoy the rest of your week...(((HUGS))) Kirsti xxx

borgqueen said...

Tallulah really was modelled on you!
Hope you are all having fun at the class tonight - wish I was there

thekathrynwheel said...

Is it art journaling for the rowdy regulars on Saturday? If so, count me in!
Now, just a question ... is that really your bosom or have you got a couple of footballs down there? HAHAHAHAHAH!!
I'm just jealous really :-)

Siobhan Brignull said...

those alice sheets look lush, will defo be tempted when the money tree blossoms again.

cockney blonde said...

I knew there had to be a positive to big boobies - swimming floats, brill, lol, x

Sandra Hall said...

Drown? No way! Me and Thee will be the last ones floating!

I think Sue owes you one for tormenting you with that chair...
x x

Jude said...

Oooh, that chair is fabby... Planning a trip down to coincide with the GNPE - already ran it past the designated driver and he's fully up for it (as always!) Loving that dress and totally jealous of your ample bosom...!! xx

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