Friday, July 9, 2010

1/2 more sleeps...!!!

Its 2.45am and I am sat in bed waiting for finger and toe nails to dry, otherwise I just know I will wake up in the morning stuck to the sheets, lol.  I am off to see The Babe tomorrow, and have just finished pratting around, soaking in bath, packing bags, journaling, journaling, journaling, noshing on granary bread and Bramble jam, glugging Dr Pepper, listening to my tuuuuuuuuuuuuuunes, finding my train tickets after losing them AGAIN, dunking ginger nuts, gabbing on the phone, and Uncle Tom Cobley and all !!! lol.
I have the Art Journaling for regulars workshop tomorrow and then I am out of here...woop de frikkin woop. And I,m not back till Tues teatime...yayy..!!! We will be shut for most of the week anyway as it is The Great Yorkshire Show, and the whole town seems to come to a standstill as you can't move for love nor money...We will be open for the kids workshops and the regular Tues night class as usual, but probably not a lot else.  So just beware if you are visiting, give us a ring first. Website orders wont be sent out on Tues or Weds, fingers crossed for Thursday, but definitely Friday.

Ooh ginger nuts dipped in Dr Pepper...yummeeeeeeeeeee...

Spent ages on the phone this afternoon with the lovely Patti from Ranger, trying to get my flights organised for CHA in Chicago. Trying to find one that had less than 3 stopovers was a bit of a toughie this time, but we made it in the end. I am demoing on their booth again, at the show. I just love working with them, we have such a laugh and a pratt around. Oops sorry, we are all extremely proffesional and focused...!!!  Ok, ok, maybe not me, but the rest of them are anyway. I, unfortunately, am known as, how can I put it..?? A bit of a loose cannon. Always firing on all cylinders and shooting off at different tangents. Theres no hope of a quick 5 min demo with me, once you stop in front of my demo desk you need a pack up to keep you going, lol. I have to admit half the time they just want me to keep talking in my Yorkshire accent..It fascinates them, lol. All the little colloquialisms that they don,t understand. Tim just stands there shaking his head and saying, don't worry she's not a typical Brit, lol.  I am also going to be reunited with the two loves of my life, my little dragon and the gorgeous bundle of gorgeousness....Mario..mwah, mwah, mwah.   Wonder what tricks the pair of them have got up their sleeves this time around. Its usually always at my expense, and whatever it is I fall for it every time, lol.
So I suppose I should tell you about their fabulous brand new product I will be debuting for them. Ha ha as if I would spill the beans.!! You will just have to keep an eye out on their blog and have a guess when the new products come up
Speaking of Ranger, I keep forgetting to tell you about their new blog. Go see it HERE. It gives you the lowdown on whats going on, at the shows, at the Ranger U workshops, even bits 0f the Willie Wonka machines that work their magic in the factory.

Right, think my nails are duvet proofed, gonna get some shut eye. Just going to leave you with a little gem.

Enjoy xx


angie's blogspot said...

Have a fab weekend Dy, btw, is the BABE Mark? I get so mixed up with these psudenoms lol

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Have a great time this weekend Dyan ;-) hehehe those poor Americans don't know what's in store
Anne xx

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