Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yayy I can let the cat out of its bag....

I am flying to Chicago on Sunday, very early, flights at 7am, got to be at airport about 4.30 am..!!! The Babe's eyes glazed over and he nearly keeled over at the thought of getting up that early on a day off, lol..!!!
So why am I headed overseas this time..?? Yup, you got it its CHA time. And once again I am working my little  (well maybe not so little at the moment,lol) ass off on the Ranger booth. Very nearly didn't make it as, for some reason the airline cancelled the flights..!! Patti spent hours trying to book me another flight, that preferably cost them less than if they bought the whole plane, and eventually found one. For the price they've paid for it I should be sat upfront with the captain, lol. He who must be obeyed (as if..!!!) took one look at the bill he was presented with and said just one thing...

"You'd better be f**king worth it, monkey..!!!"

Monkey  is a bit of a inhouse joke between us and Tim, but basically it means I have to jump through hoops and be on my bestest ever behaviour. Narr not a frikkin chance, lmao. Dy will be Dy, no matter what..!!! I do try to behave and appear professional at all times (oh ok well some times ), but it never seems to last. I get all passionate about the products and go into giddy kipper mode quicker than you can say "OMG she's completely barking". This usually happens about the time I havent realised that He who must be obeyed, or The Quiet one who must be obeyed, are stood right behind me, lol. Still I think it's always nice to have at least one nutter on the stand at showtime, don't you...??

Anyhow, enough fannying around, what you all want to know is what am I demoing..??? What fantabulous must have product have they released now..??? Heres a clue...

Yup you've guessed it...

Summer 201
Perfect Pearls™ Mists

• 12 dazzling Perfect Pearls Mist shades

• Coordinates with Perfect Pearls Powders used wet or dry

• Available in 2 oz. bottle with fine mist sprayer

• Built-in binder

• Non-toxic and Acid-free

How cool do these look...???

12 yes, I said-- TWELVE--  colours of pearl powder mixed with binders into shimmer sprays. Heres what the press release says about them.

By popular request, the palette of Perfect Pearls Powders is now available in a fine mist spray! Perfect Pearls Mists expand your paper crafting possibilities—spray a little for a subtle look or a lot for more intense shimmer.

Developed with a built-in binder in a water-based formula, Perfect Pearls Mists adhere to paper, wood, fabric, and more. Use for background papers, with stamps, stencils, masks or as an overall finishing touch on a handmade card or scrapbook layout.

Perfect Pearls Mists can be used to create unique patterns by varying sweeping coverage to make lines, arcs, swirls and more. Create layers of glimmer by spraying multiple colors over a project for striking results.

The mists are available in 12 pearlescent colors that coordinate with our popular Perfect Pearls Powders:

• Interference Red

• Forever Red

• Sunflower Sparkle

• Kiwi

• Forever Green

• Turquoise

• Forever Blue

• Blue Smoke

• Forever Violet

• Perfect Pearl

• Heirloom Gold

• Perfect Copper

Perfect Pearls Mists complement the entire line of Perfect Pearls products which includes Perfect Pearls, Perfect Medium, Perfect Pens and Perfect Fabric Medium.

Visit us at CHA Summer, Booth #431 for more information, Signature Designer demonstrations, Make It Take Its and new project ideas. Perfect Pearls Mists are available in September.


Woop de frikkin woop.....12 colours of pure shimmer, no dyes , no inks, just pearly shimmers,no mixing it yourself its ready to go with special binders to ensure it sticks to practically everything it touches.
So what marvelously, thrilling and exciting tricks will I be demoing with it..???

Ha ha you'll have to wait and see won't you..??

Oooh not nice, I know, but don,t worry , as soon as I get back I will spill all the beans for you. And you never know, if I happen to fly home with one set clutched into my grubby little mitts, then I may even show you, lol.

So, of course it's a frikkin madhouse here at the moment, samples strewn left right and centre, panic cos I havent even thought about what to pack, and I,m talking art journaling stuff not what to wear, lmao. It will probably all be done last minute on Friday, as usual.

Friday..??? But you're not flying till Sunday..??? Yup, well spotted there, I am having another weekend off (well half a weekend), thats two this year, bejeebuz, what the frikk's going on.. But that does mean I am officially unavailable from Friday lunch.  You can riing me but that doesn't necessarily mean I will answer, lol.

And due to a very large cock up in dates, I don't get back until 5 the following Friday...Doesn't sound too bad , does it..? Till you realise that I start teaching 2 hrs later when the weekend journal workshop starts..!! Yup, I bust my ass in Chicago, I fly home, via outer Mongolia and every surrounding country ( not really just seems that way), land, catch a train, and arrive at The Studio, ready to teach the whole weekend through. Jet lag..??? Hmm have't really got the time for it have I..???

How come you don't think these things through..??? said The Babe.

Cos that would be the sensible thing to do, and I,m not really known for that now, am I,,???

If you are visiting the show, come say hello at stand 431
.I'll be the one covered from head to foot, in ink and shimmer, I will be talking nonstop in my broad Yorkshire accent that you all can't understand, and I will be hopping excitedly from one foot to the other... Don't be scared, just smile and nod every now and again, to fool me into thinking you know what I,m on about,..!!! lmao

Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Oh have lots of fun getting misty. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Siobhan Brignull said...

gawd blimey im exhausted just reading this

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Have a safe trip and lots of fun!!

Bet you cant wait to get the green dragon back!!


VickiA said...

Have a fantastic time and I'll bring some matchsticks for the journaling weekend, but I'm sure we'll allow you 40 winks under the table...LOL

olive said...

Show them how its done Dy.... have an absolutely frikkin' great time as Chicago is a great city, not that you will see much of it.. do you get frequent flyer miles with all the travelling????? it will be HOT so you dont need to pack much clothes. dont forget empty suitcase to bring back your goodies in!!! loving the look of the perfect pearls inks..... Ciao ps Have a safe trip.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

ROFL you wonderful crazy woman :-) Have fun!
Anne xx

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