Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me, me, oh and me..!!! lmao.

Whey hey the delectable Kirsty has uploaded a couple of my photos onto her blog, so I have purloined them and have them here for you.

She just loves her black and white arty shots does that girl...

Love this one. She always seems to get me when I,m not looking, and it always turns out fabby. Well I think so.!!! A lot of these have been taken especially for my art journaling and can't wait to play with them.

Ha ha, how true is this..??

This one was taken in the middle of the loading bay. These are my fave ever, ever, EVER pair of heels..!!! They don't look too impressive here, but the heels are actually about 6 in high. They send me up to 6ft 2,  but are soooooooooo comfy. No, honest they are, I wore them the whole night on New Years eve, which included a lot of riotous Spanish dancing.

And this one is my favourite. I managed to get my bum slotted into Our Maisies swing, but my legs are far too long to actually swing, lol.

She is not only a fabulous photographer, but also a genius at blog headers. Did you notice I have a new one..??? I just luuuurve it, it's soooooo me.

If any of you are going to the Craft Show at The Doncaster Racecourse this weekend, make sure you go and see her.She is on stand 43d opposite Create and Craft. She will be showing her new CD and she will also be demoing the extremeley hard to find Aquamarkers. Go see her and have a bit of a chinwag. Do me a favour though and just ask her if she happens to have any staples..!!! lmao.

Ace workshop going on tomorrow, its The Altered, Altered Book. We still have a few places, so if you're free come and join in the fun.

And then that's me off. Oh yes, The Babe is home for the weekend, yayy..!!!

Enjoy xx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

i literally gagged on my spit at the "staples" part.
Never again.


PS: You are such a lovely subject to photograph xx

patcrafts said...

Great photos, just love your new header, great photographer might pop along to see her at Donny this weekend.
Pat xx

Kirsti said...

Loving the new look you and the new look header...wonder if she could do a new look me and a new look header for my blog...thanks for the Birthday wishes btw...very much aprreciated...LM(WS)AO!!!!x

Kaz said...

Fab photos and I love the new blog header. Have a lovely weekend xx

olive said...

loving the blog header... so funky as are the photos..... Ciao

Anonymous said...

The blog header... the photos... I'm speechless!!! Ooooh, I want a photoshoot! Ha, you inspired me, I'm gonna call me a friend and do an "artsy photoshoot" soon. I'm suddenly in desperate need of "artsy photos to use in my journal" - thanks to you!

Angela Weimer said...

Love the new header. Good job kirsty. The photos of you are fab. Have a good weekend. Angela

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab photos Dyan :-) love the new header, love the shoes! gorgeous pages as always. If finances permitted I would be there like a shot tomorrow - maybe later in the year ;-)
Anne xx

Sandra Hall said...

Blog header = Great! Yes, very much your style - great job Kirsty! I do love that book and thought about your class with a tinge of longing while I was working today! x x

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