Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wiseman...step away from the hair dye...!!!

Yaaaaaayyyyy, I,m back. Had a fabby few days with The Babe. Took in the delights of Stratford and surrounding areas. I travelled on the train, for a change, and journaled all the way. Funny looks all round, as per usual..!!! Still, it gives them all something to talk about doesn,t it..??? lmao.

You know when you get a real good idea, and don,t really stop to think it through..?? Well I had one of those earlier tonight. I was just flicking through facebook when I noticed a post by the lovely Kirsty Wiseman, saying she was popping up to Harrogate to visit a friend. I was racking my brain to think who that could be when I suddenly realised it was me.!!!! I had totally forgotten she was coming to stay at mine, lol. Anyway she turned up and we trotted off to Asda for a bit of retail. She decided that she needed to do a new photo shoot of me and I said , oh no not at mo , my hair needs colouring. Don,t worry , we'll do it, .was the reply..  totally thrown off guard, I was lulled into a false sense of security and when blue/black came into view I whole heartedly agreed.

Big mistake, big, BIG mistake....

It started off fine. Kirsty read all the instructions and set to with vigour...

common sense should have stepped in when she told me to hold the bottle for a minute. Do you spot what I should have spotted...???

Yup, she had applied the dye to my hair, my ears, my neck, my forehead, my cheeks, my hands, look at the colour of my hand, after holding it for a couple of mins. I think she thought she was giving me an all over body massage. I couldn,t work out if I looked like one gigantic bruise, or if I,d just been down t,pit..!! To say she was a tad enthusiastic in her colouring is putting it mildly. We rubbed , we scrubbed, but it didn,t want to budge..!! I ended uo using acetone free nail polish remover. Oh yes, can't decide if I feel like I,ve had an acid peel or botox, lol. My ears look like 2 black puddings, and I look like |I havent washed for a week...She left it on for far too long as she collapsed into an hysterical heap on the floor, guffawing.  

Now I know I,ve got a thing about black...but I didn't expect to gain a black bath, wall tiles, grout, shower head and towels..!!! Not sure how I,m going to explain it to Our Tom, lol. Anyway to get my own back, I spat in her tea and licked her toasted crumpet.... It is now an hour since she did it and she is still crying with laughter, and |I can assure you that seeing the Wiseman with a snotty nose and hysterical laughter is not a pretty sight. I meanwhile look like I have a massive piece of coal on my head. It had better not rain again tomorrow, cos I just might go all streaky, lol. Then she really will be dead. Yes that's right DEAD.
Luckily I have this thing about wearing my scarves and bandanas, I just might have to wear them all at once..or never go out in public, unaccompanied, ever again...!!!

Gonna leave you with one of the pages I did on the train.

Enjoy xx


Darcy Marshall said...

hahahahaha omg, that's even better than how I imagined! I hope your pillowcases aren't white, cos they won't be in the morning!

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Don't you love your friends!!! just don't do what my DD did while waiting for it to set, and lie down on the white leather sofa!!!!!!! mmm still a bit grey in places,
Thank heavens for balaclavas! lol

Kirsti said...

LM(WS)AO....that certainly gave me the giggles when I woke up this morning!!!!!

ForgedinPaper said...

Nearly spat my tea out laughing. I thought she was doing her own hair at first and then I realised your fatal error. Just think it will add to your mystique lol.

Paper Paradise said...

How could she???????? And after sending her those yummy new products to play with...... Kisty I am very dissappointed in you!!!!!!! (secretly rolling around in fits of laughter)xxx

SeasideKaren said...

Sorry Dyan, but I'm with Kirsty on this one....ROFL!!!!
Thanks for making me splurt my coffee all over my desk!! Seriously, hope it fades soon and you stay away from the rain! xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Cant wait to see it on Friday now....... LOL

Glad you had a nice trip away


Sandra Hall said...

Black pudding ears????? I'm creased! Now are you planning revenge and is Kirsty ready for it? x x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous journal pages Dyan ;-)
Anne xx

Rosie said...

Oh no, I shouldn't laugh but ... I'm afraid I did! Hope the dye has come off your ears now and that you're pleased with the results in the right places?? I've just discovered art journalling and found you through a friend.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Sorry I laughed too, oops! Love your journal pages, they are fab, so much detail. Tracy Evans x

Diane said...

Great journal pages, Dyan! How much of the dye was on Kirsty??
Diane x

Kaz said...

LMAO whoops!! Think we need a finished photo to see if you're still covered! I colour my sister's hair so I know how messy it can get! xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

rofpml x2


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