Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe...!!!!

Awhile ago when I was in my favourite antique shop, I came across this beaut pair of porcelain hands. They were originally attatched to a wheel that dipped in and out of the solution to make rubber gloves.  How coool is that..??? when the solution dried, the gloves were peeled off ready to use. Well, I just fell in love with them, as you do, lol. But I was already splashing out a tidy sum on a 1914 vintage union jack and a Victorian metal hat box....so couldnt quite justify them at the time. I told, design team member, Kate Crane, about them, cos I thought they were right up her street. But she too couldn,t quite justify all that money. Well the other day I got an email from a practically hysterical Kate...it was her birthday and her gorgeous hubby had secretly bought them for her. Awwwwwwww.!!
Now don't get me wrong , I am absolutely gutted that they are not in my grubby little mitts, but I know she will treasure them equally as much as I would, and I wish them well in their new home..

Here's a journal page she made about them. Preparing the background and collage elements.

Same page with journaling added

Pop on over to her blog to see more of her fantastic work.

Todays workshop was absolutely fabby. We were making clutch purses out of really strong canvas pieces, which we decorated with a combination of paint, ink sprays, doodling.....We also lined them fully with pieces of the stunning My Minds Eye fabric.

Heres 3 of the ladies bags

And the insides

Three more

and three more.....

And heres mine. I have loads of these bags and so this time I thought I would do just a fairly neutral colour scheme.

I lined it with a bit of tattoo flash fabric

added a fabric flower

Big eyelets and suede thonging...perfect...and easy to boot.

you can see all the doodling in this one...

I seem to have got all the ladies hooked, and they are all planning to make tons to match their outfits, l,mao.

Ok on to more CHA news, just look at this launch from Ranger Ink, if you havent checked out their blog, get yourself over there. This will be my ideal accessory..you've seen how clarted up I can get, without even trying, and thios promises to remove it all for you...What more could a girl ask for..???

Well, ok, maybe I could just ask for something else..?? lol

Like the new (yes I said NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW) collection from the one and only Orla Kiely..goddammit, theres a lot of lady love flying round..

So Babe, if you're looking, any of these will be fine, lmao

Yup I am on Orla heaven, lol.

Enjoy xx


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Love the mustard colour dress.

Fab day yesterday thanks!!


patcrafts said...

I just love these Orla Kiely clothes you keep showing us what I want to know is where are they sold in the north. They look like they might suit a small person, Soz:).
Hugs Pat xx

Sandra Hall said...

Loving my canvas purse - had so many compliments! x x

borgqueen said...

Sadly I think the most I could hope for would be the scrubber .....
love the hands and what Kate has done with them - sorry they are not yours.
and also love the canvas bags ;o)

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