Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today in the studio

By heck, how are you all coping in this typically English October weather. Simply amazing isn't it. And all those of you who say it's too hot, stop mithering and enjoy it. I had the day off yesterday so we whizzed over to the seaside ans spent the day lazing on the beach. Did me the world of good, I can tell you.

Here's a few piccies from my older girls class as they have been finishing off projects.

Here's Mia and Katie with their sugar skulls.

Sooooo cool.

And this is Georgina, hiding behind her gorgeous Christmas tin.

 Today was another repeat of the ever so popular canvas painting class.

Everyone worked extremely hard and produced, as usual, stunning results

Here's the lovely Mell

the lovely Toni

The lovely Jane

The lovely Gill

The lovely Sue

The lovely Amelia

The lovely Sara

The lovely Teresa

The lovely Trish

The lovely Donna

And the lovely Colleen

Now you have to agree they have done a fabulous job haven't they. And tomorrow I will be doing it all again with another 11 students. Fabby.

I'll leave you with a page from the ledger.

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeoeus canvases......I love em all!! and the them too, Oh and your ledger page In fact I LOVE IT ALL!!
huge hugs


Siobhan Brignull said...

would I be bad if I said I love Sara's just fabby colours . . x

borgqueen said...

*giddy* just looking!

brings back memories of such a fabby class - fantastic results ladies - looking forward to seeing tomorrows


susiesu said...

absolutely fabulous! and I love your ledger page and the jars lol susiesu xxx

Kaz said...

wow those canvases are amazing, I wish I lived nearer as I'd be on one of your classes xx

Sid said...

Those canvasses look fantastic !!

Melva said...

When do you ever stop? Your students are so lucky to live close to your shop and workshops. All their work is fab.

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