Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ooooh lots to tell today.

I've been having a funny old time of it lately... Although my professional/business life couldn't be better, with fabulous opportunities in the pipe line, my personal life has just been going from bad to worse. But I am not a quitter and find it extremely hard to give up on anything or anyone. I will go over and above to help someone, and want to help save everyone in the world. Unfortunately there comes a time when you owe it to yourself to walk away. Cue for a quote, lol...

"There are some things in life that even chocolate or wine can't help with.!"

or two..

"Some people feel that holding on and hanging in are signs of strength, but sometimes the strength comes in the letting go"

With those in mind I have been trying to be kind to myself, with lots of love, little treats and positive affirmations. I decided to turn my little bedroom into a journaling snug, leaving my bedroom free to just be a beautiful boudoir, to aid restful sleep, lol. So I have lugged one of the couch's up from the lounge, moved all my journaling and sewing paraphernalia in there, loaded it with candles and have set about creating art for the walls.

We have tons of large painted canvas's in our house...well what do you expect with both me and Jay at it, but as I've decorated and tastes altered, they have been lying unloved. So I have decided that what my journaling room needs is journaling...!!! At first I was going to write all over the walls, but then I remembered the canvas's and thought them the ideal candidate for the job.

So here's the first one finished. Its over 7ft tall and looks very impressive.

First of all I wrote everything out in draft.

Then I filled it all in with black paint

Then I went to town with my doodling

Just frikkin love it and have started three more, in a slightly different style.

Have had a lovely day today. It was the kids day workshop and we were making canvas Christmas decorations. It went fabulously, and who came and joined me for the day, but this lovely lady.

Yes it's the one and only gorgeous Kaz. She had brought her family with her and is staying a few days. Millie attended the workshop and hubby Daz was ushered into the kitchen to make copious amounts of tea.

They came laden with gifts for me...such a lucky girl.! Its not everyday you get a suitcase full of china, is it..??

I tell you, in my neck of the woods, china teapots are few and far between.

I am in the process of clearing out all the mugs in the kitchen and replacing them with china cups and saucers. Their will be a plethora of teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls, all tastefully mismatched. Oh and little cake plates for your choccie biscuits or slices of Battenburg...

Why? you might ask.. because I want to, is the reply. I am going to introduce some Old English charm, lol. Plus, it's my studio, lol.

Now stop moaning Bezzie Su, I have a mug here especially for you.!!!

This was amongst Kaz's gifts. A fabby 1940's teapot, with plenty of room for many a brew.

This little beauty was earmarked straight away for my house. I even found a Queen teaspoon, courtesy of Sexy Susie.

Ditto with this gorgeous set, six of each, en route to my dining room. And no, Jay, don't even think about it, they are mine all mine..!!!

Here's a few of the cups.

And this gorgeous set was courtesy of the lovely Liz.

Here I am with My Maisie and Kaz's Millie, who hit it off like a house on fire and bonding over their love of art journals.

Kaz had sent me these earlier on in the week as a little cheer up gift, but I wasn't sure how to fit them.

Can you tell what they are.??

 Oh yes, my car is now sporting luscious long lashes...Tres chic..

And I have saved the best till last, any ideas..?

Does this help...??


Just take a lookie at this little beauty she brought me.

How fabulous is that.?? I was sooooo excited I nearly peed myself.!!!

I am hoping Our Ben is going  to start using it to do the newsletter.!!!

The following two pictures are purloined from the that gorgeous bundle of gorgeousness's blog...the one and only Dina Wakley. Pop over and see her write up.

There is also another fabby write up on the lovely Kat's blog

I will leave you with one of my pages from the ledger,

Enjoy xx


gayle said...

Ah, so the typewriter was for YOU :) I was coveting it on twitter! lol
Am sure you will enjoy it thoroughly :)

whyducks said...

Sending a big hug to you as I know that it is like when life can be ---t. Your art work is inspiring as always and I love your cars eye lashes!

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Oh my!!! This was a really joyfull post! Amazing canvas youv'e made!! And those last photos of the black and white page - that was just gorgeous and must have taken some time to be finished!
Love the lashes by the way 'lol'
You are a true inspiration!

Kaz said...

Twas a special day, milly is one happy girlie! me .....well u know I'm so giddy about my time @afth and with you ..... thanks to u ben and Katie for a fab day, already looking forward to next weekend a whole weekend of giddiness yipppeeee!

Kaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kirsti said...

Wow so many china teacups...I am sooo jealous..>i have a thing about them too but unfortunately I have no-where to display them:0(...I also have a BIG love of cakestands...infact I have one that is exact same pattern as that little dish with the silver spoon you have

Take care...hoep everything works out...

Kirsti xx

Dina said...

You are amazing. Strong. Smart. Hubba hubba hot. Worth every good thing in the universe. Love ya, mwah! [and holy cow, love your new goodies]

Georgie Horn said...

what a wonderful surprise and so many goodies. I've seen the eyelashes for wonder if there are such things as "unibrows" for trucks. hahahahahahahahahaaaa
come get you some puddin n pie today..

Sid said...

Great stuff, love that typewriter !!

susiesu said...

Big hugs Dyan. Have missed you and your daily outfits! The canvas is awesome and the first photo of your ledger page looks like the backing is crocheted - absolutely fabulous. Enjoy your visitors what fabby gifts they brought you. lots of purple love Susiesu xxx

susiesu said...

Big hugs Dyan. Your canvas is awesome and the first photo of your ledger page looks like the backing is crocheted - absolutely fabulous!!! What great friends you have to bring you such fabby gifts. Enjoy your visitors lots of purple love susiesu xxx

Helen said...

Love your gifts - love that typewriter! Amazing art as always! Have a GREAT day.

Sandra Hall said...

Wo-ho-ho-ho, what delectable vintagenous and charm....the typewriter looks amazing! But first, sending big hugeroonies and love, I'm glad to read that you are being kind to yourself because if anyone deserves it, you do, Reading your post put a smile on my face cos I LOVES ya a very lot :D x

Sandra Hall said...

PS...forgot to say how fantabulous the canvas looks - and the journal page :D!

Ann-Marie said...

Woowww that typewriter is just amazing I want to stroke it! Kaz finds really cool treasure, can't wait for tea in one of them cups, journal canvas looks fab, glad ur making time for yourself - something we should all do more often xxx

Photocat said...

My god, I learned how to type on the exact typewriter long ago in Belgium. Love your new china. It must feel like Christmas before Christmas.
Your canvasses are eye catching and holding the eyes on it too. A darn good job. How do you get your handwriting so even and nice? I know, practice...
enjoy your brown Betty... (the 40-s teapot!)

sue from kent said...

You don't know me but I'm one of your internet customers and would just like to say how sorry I am to hear of your problems; you seem such a strong person so just take care. All your goodies are brilliant, I love the brown teapot, my mum had one just like it when I was growing up.

Mo said...

Oh,Dyan. Look how great you're doing! You've turned 'down' into 'up' and created beautiful art. That takes enormous stength. I've learned that when a person can't be helped, no matter what you do, you need to grieve for the person you hoped they would be and accept who they really are. And yes, that can absolutely mean letting go. No one survives if you are bled dry.
How fantastic that Kaz dropped by...boy can that girl find goodies. Enjoy!
Humungous hugs...hang in there tight.

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow wow wow your pages are amazing and your canvas is to die for, sending hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love your canvas! And I am envious of your typewriter and your eyelashes for your car are great. Take care, hugs, Dianne.

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