Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another step by step journal page for you...

I thought you might like to have another step by step journal page, using Dylusions Write between the Lines stamp set and an easy masking technique.


Dylusions stamps, Write between the Lines, Further around the Edge, Curious Corrin, Basic Backgrounds, Bits n Bats.
Adirondack paint dabbers, Pink sherbet, Cool Peri, Lemonade, Willow, Cloudy Blue
Colorwash, Sunset Orange, Lettuce
Archival Ink, Jet Black, French Ultramarine
Dylusions ink sprays, Sunshine, Grass, Turquoise
Non stick craft sheet
Black Glaze pen


Add the dabbers all over the journal page and blend in with your fngers. I have chosen 5 colours all from the Lights . If you stick to one of the colour tones, Lights, Brights or Earthtones, no matter how many colours you use they will always coordinate beautifully. I am normally know for bright colours, but wanted a paler look for ths page.

This is the Write between the Lines stamp set. It includes all my favourite lines to journal between and the tags are fabulous when masked.

Ink the medium tag with Jet Black Archival ink and stamp onto the journal page.

before you clean the stamp, press the image onto some scrap paper.

Cut out the image exactly on the lines, and place over the image on the page. This is your mask.

Ink up the large tag and stamp onto the page slightly overlapping the mask.

Again, stamp onto scrap paper and cut out.

This is what your stamped images will look like. Cool isn't it..? It looks as though the small tag has been placed over the large tag.

Place both masks back onto the stamped images

Ink up the leaf border from All around the Edge with Jet Black Archival

Stamp the image starting at the top of the page.

Re ink and stamp again, over the masks

When you remove the masks this is what you should see

As you can see the excess is on the mask

Ink up Curious Corrin with Jet Black Archival ink

Stamp at the bottom left of the page

Stamp the image onto scrap paper and cut out exactly on the lines

Place the mask onto the stamped image and stamp the leaves over the top as before

This is what it should look like, as though she is standing in front of the leaves

Place all the masks back on the images, and lightly spray the Sunshine all over the page.

Take the Sunset Orange and spray through an alphabet stencil

Repeat further down the page

Roll the kitchen roll over to mop up the excess ink

Ink up the number stamp from Basic Backgrounds with French Ultramarine Archival Ink

Without placing the stamp on a block roll it onto the page

Ink up one the journal line stamps with Jet Black

Stamp across the page, over the masks

Continue down the page

Remove the masks.... Cool effect, don't you think.?

I took the following spray inks

and spritzed a little puddle of each onto the Non Stick Craft sheet.

The leaves were first painted with Grass

Whilst the Grass was still wet I added a touch of Lettuce to the base of the leaf.

Leave to dry and you will find they blend together beautifully

Paint all of the leaves and start painting in the other images

Write in between the journal lines. I have written a quote that I really like.

If you didn't hear it with your own ears,
or if you didn't see it with your own eyes.
Then don't invent it with your small mind,
and don't share it with your big mouth...

Add spiders and a bird from Bits n Bats

To make Curious Corrin really stand out, go all around the outline with a black glaze Sakura pen.

And here's the finished page.

Why don't you try one yourself.?

Or even three, one with the each colour set of Adirondack Dabbers, the Lights, the Brights and the Earthtones.

I hope you found the simple masking helpful

Enjoy xx


Kat said...

what a great page,
I love to see your step by step tutorials, I always learn something new,
thanks dyan,

Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful page! I really love the journaling stamps. Thanks for the step-by-step it was wonderful!!!!
Hugs and blessings

Heavens2Betsy said...

This is a fabulous page and thank you for the brilliant step by step guide. I'm gonna go play! penny

Helen said...

Fabulous journal work and a great tutorial. Tahnks for sharing &have a great day (what's left of it!)

Kaz Hall said...

The dark northern temptress does it again .....have I told ya latley that you ROCK?? another fabby tutorial mwah x


Sid said...

Fab tute Dyan !!

Karin said...

Fabulous page.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Gorgeous page & thank you for the masking tutorial, I really should do more masking.

Kirsti said...'s funny how you forget about the basics of stamping...masking is one of the first things I learnt when I started....

Take Care
Kirsti xxx

Weasel said...

Yum - how cool is this - thanks Dyan!

Linda M. Cain said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant!


Mo said...

Terrific tutorial! I hope you know that all your hard work is appreciated and put to good use, Dyan. I guess this means masking is what I need to do to create the frog candlabra. Personally,I think it's time to unlock the cuff and allow you some retail therapy.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow, thanks for this wonderful step by step tutorial.

Ali said...

great tutorial - tfs.

Unknown said...

Dyan thanks for the great tutorial...I am definately going to dive this page a try...even though I do not have any of your stamps!!(think I need to rectify that mmm)

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have wondered many a time how some of the pages come into being. This one is fab.
Hugs Joanne xx

jeanie g said...

Great tutorial Dayan thank you for showing, you give me such inspiration and laods of useful tips too!! Love the finished page as always.

fatmonica said...

What a fabulous page!You make it look so effortless with your great instructions!

Sharne Gregory said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, must have a play.

Bethan said...

I love it! you always make things look so simple...until I have a go!

Diana said...

I LOVE your step by step. off for a weekend event this weekend.. must try!!

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