Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remains of the weekend

Sadly, after much hilarity, blood sweat and tears, the Fallen Angels have had to part for another few months. We had the bestest ever time, and I love them all very very muchly.
I kept forgetting to take pictures, but here are some of the high lights.

The kitchen has now been transformed into vintage china heaven

And the bunk beds have now been transformed into storage for the cups

This is how I was woken Saturday morning..!!!

This is a stew going into the slow cooker. I had to tempt them with something tasty and nutritious, as I was calling upon them to lend me their muscles all day..!! You might be wondering what for.??

Well, when we moved premises 18 mths ago, we had so little time to conquer such a mammoth task, that things were brought in and stashed in the back without being sorted. This has been slowly driving me barmy, as contrary to popular belief, I like everything to be sorted and in it's place. But I don't like to start a job if I haven't the time to finish it. So 6 hours later, umpteen tip runs, complete reorganisation and declutter, first name terms with the guys at the tip, complete advantage taken of Bezzy Su's lovely hubby, numerous pots of tea, copious amounts of Quality Street and we were done.!! Thank you girlies you were fantastic. Love you all xxx

At some point in the day I decided to recreate the beehive on one of the others...

|Yup it was the gorgeous Bezzy Su. I think she looks fab but she wasn't convinced...

It was back to normal for her this morning, but strangely enough she opted to cook the breakfast. Now you may know she is not exactly renowned for her skills in the kitchen, so we rallied around with helpful hints and tips...


wait for it...

She produced this..!!!

Not quite sure how she managed it but no one was complaining. Sexy Susie was speechless...

It was found over the weekend that my blow up mattress was on it's way to mattress heaven, with a slow puncture, so it was assigned to Sandra to deflate it ready for the tip. She was struggling with it, so Susie thought she would help and pressed on it only for it to ping back up sending them both rolling off the sides.

 After I eventually stopped laughing, we discovered they had only forgotten how to take the bung out, lmao

The girlies had been on a Ikea run and returned with a tray of, the one and only Krispe Kreme's.
The Goddess couldn't decide which to have, she's useless at making a decision.! So Bezzy came to her rescue, with a slice of each lol.

Which left behind a rather bedraggled selection.!!

I am now trying to put the studio back into some semblance of order and then I am off home for a long bubbly soak.

Here's a page from the ledger

Enjoy xx

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Mo said...

Sounds like your weekend was as much fun as it was work. No better way to get a job like that done. The pics of your china are eye candy...using the bunkbed is brilliant. And on top of all that, a new page. Way to go.

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