Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unfinished business...

Things are calming down here a wee bit, and that is always a danger point as I start to lose my concentration.!!! I usually find that indulging in a spot of retail therapy helps, but Our Ben has gone to severe measures to keep me in the Studio..!!!

Did you spot it..??

Oh yes...he has literally chained me to my desk, lmao... Ah well.!!!

Seeing as I am sat here I thought I would take a load of piccies of lots of my unfinished journal pages for you to see. Most of them just have the backgrounds and a main image on them. A few have the start of some doodling. All will be returned to, no doubt over and over again.

This one is a start to finish. I finished all the doodling last night.

Enjoy xx


Angela Weimer said...

What fab pages Dyan. Hope Ben gives you a little break soon. Looks like you have been very busy though. Just got my new inks yesterday. Love Love Love the colors. Even had a little play last night. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing . Angela

Mo said...

Hi Dyan,
I love seing your pages.Even unfinished they already look awesome.I'm in love with your 'variations'on a frog's head. I'm eagerly checking the mail everyday because my order with the rest of your new stamps is due. It includes the set with your frog's head.Seems to me a girl might have to carry out her retail therapy online. Ben wouldn't snag your laptop, would he? Lol.Love your blog.
Take care.
Seattle, WA

Mo said...

I forgot to ask - how did you create thefrog candlabra? did you stamp separately, then cut out?

Mo said...

Forgot to ask - how did you create your 'frog'candlabra? Did you stamp then cut out and paste?

Karenliz Henderson said...

Too funny! I hope you get the key soon! Your pages are great!

Sandra Hall said...

I'm going to ignore the chaining to the table 'cos I don't think Our Ben is a tyrant at all! hehehe
So I shall concentrate on the fabulous journal pages... drool....I particularly like the "Who are you calling empty" page - it has a very retro look - right up your street :D

susiesu said...

Hi Dyan the pages are fab and I love them just as they are. The doodling on the finished page is amazing. What did you doodle with??? Hope Ben let you have a loo break?? lol xxx

Belinda Basson said...

yes I spotted it! But what I am more interested in is the "spotted" tray you have your paint dabbers in with the lids in little recessed rings to hold them and on their heads so they are always ready to use. I think this is a brilliant invention! PS: I am REALLY far away in South Africa which is a 12 hour flight! If I could get in a car and drive for 2 - 4 hours I would do it, but sadly this is not an option!

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