Monday, February 7, 2011

Tim ticket news, thanks, magazines I buy, what the Bank Manager said and any other question answered.!!

Wow, have I been inundated with emails and messages, or what....? I am overwhelmed at how many people took the time, out of their very busy lives to communicate their thoughts with me,Thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I have spent most of the day in tears whilst reading. So many of you said that I struck a very definite chord, and that it could have been you talking, if you had my courage.! Not so sure about the courage bit, more like a bit gung ho..!!!  As I said, I didn't want sympathy, or reinforcing of my art or even fixing. I just needed to get it out and explain, this is me, this is who I am.
A message I heard from many of you, whether you have similar feelings to me, or whether you where the total opposite and suffering from depression, was how you didn't talk about it. How you were embarrassed and ashamed and that nobody knew. I used to feel the same way, but now the more people know the easier it is for me.
Having to hide and play a different character is very, very draining, and the freedom I have found from opening up is very freeing.  Cue for another of my many, many quotes.....
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ maya angelou

Big thank you to Janey B for the words to the Shirley Bassey song I posted earlier. From now on this will be my anthem, the one I turn to when I need reassurance and acceptance. Mind you I am not sure about the bit about feathers and spangles...I might just have to change that from

And so what if I love each
feather and each spangle
Why not try and see things
from a different angle


And so what if I love each
journal and each spray
Why not try and see things
in a different  way........!!!!    Better ???

The Bank Manager was great, I dazzled him with my enthusiasm. I did explain to him at the start, that I was in the middle of a manic hyper and he took it all in his stride. Mind you he is used to me, and when he was leaving he said he wouldn't really have known there was anything different about me, lol.. Having spent most of the day with him and the rest on the phone to America, I feel as though I am coming back over the hill. I am by no means calm but I know the worst is behind me. I have even eaten. Oh yes, I cooked me some salmon fillets, broccoli cheese and cabbage.  Happy days and fingers crossed, until the next time. I wish us all peace in head and heart.

Made this little beauty , this afternoon. It is your commemorative ticket if you are booked on The Lord of Holtz's classes next week. I think he looks rather charming with a spider dangling from his ear, don't you..??

This is the master, which is going to the printers first thing in the morning. Hopefully it will be back as soon as and we can post them out to you. The ticket is not needed to gain entry, so if any of you would prefer to collect it on the day, and not risk our wonderful.!!! Royal Mail, please let us know

Ooh and just to tease you a little bit more ..... what do you think these might be...???

Here's a clue, It was posted on Twitter by Mario..!!!


Those  of you waiting to see how to get your hands on the last, remaining, Willa Wonka style ticket, keep your eye on the blog, tomorrow or the day after (depending on my state, lol). I will be posting what you have to do to be in with the running. Yayy.....!!!!!    It could be you....!!!

And here's two more of the finished journal pages.

Yesterday I got the question asked that I get asked all the time....what magazines do you buy. Much to every ones disappointment, I do not buy bondage magazines, lol.  I actually buy very high end magazines, bi-monthlies and even biannually sometimes. They obviously cost a lot more, and some people baulk at the idea of paying a lot to cut them up. But I feel they are worth every penny. You are not going to get such diverse images from Bella or woman's weekly.!!!  The latest magazine I bought was at Schipol airport, a magazine full of B & W photography, for a whopping 18 euros. cough, cough....but it will be worth every penny. The magazines I buy are not available in just any store and are a lot harder to find now that Borders have gone, but sometimes I manage to get them ordered in and others are on subscription.

I'll try to remember as many titles as I can

Oh Comely
Dazed and Confused
Homme +
Another Man
The Gentlewoman
Skin deep
Elle Decoration

sheesh, that's a frikkin list and a half isn't it. There is no way I am linking all them so you will have to investigate on your own, lol.

I also frequent many second hand book shops for interesting books and I have a passion for collecting Taschen books ( my fave)
Anything with pin up girls, tattoos, cowboys or even slight fetish, then they are mine, lmao. I own more books and magazines than anything else, I think.

But saying all that I wouldn't be without my Sunday magazines, The Times, The telegraph, and the Mail on Sunday all have fabby topics and pictures. And Bezzie Su's British Medical Journal comes in handy many a time. Although some of the pictures of certain symptoms and diseases just don't bear thinking about, never mind journaling about.!!!

I'll leave you with two piccies from CHA and then I have to go reply to a million zillion messages, lol.

This pic was taken by my two show stalkers, the lovely Wendy Gale of The Stamp Attic (and source of all the best Stampington magazines.!!!) and the Peel Off queen herself ( ha ha I am now sooooooo dead) the delightful Sue Roddis. Not really my most flattering angle.!!

And here's a piccie of my American adopted Momma, the gorgeous Shirley. Can you see the likeness..??? lol

Enjoy xx


sharon said...

ah-ha ...

Dyan u totally rock and dun ever feel anything less than that !!! ..

Shirley and myself have a rather funny story .. we have been FB'ing each other and on the blogs and plan to meet up with each other at CHA .. but to no avail .. till i saw her blog and I SAW MY BACK in her photo .. We were mere inches away .. but too bad could not meet up .. never mind .. summer !!!!

Hope ur jet lag is gone ... mine is still here .. bummer

Anonymous said...

Hey hey my little duracell rabbit, glad you got the bank manager sorted out, they are pussy cats really. Sorry about the photo - not - LOL as for the peel off queen, well she is still in bed at this hour but hang onto your hat when she gets up LOL xx

katy said...

Keep doing what you do Dy.....LOVE it mwaaahhh xx

chrisg said...

Some points to note:-
a) I need a bank manager like yours - name & number please
b) LOVE Taschen books - but please say you copy and don't rip/cut them up ???
c) Are you sure theme there mags listed are not SM mags???
Glad to see that the dark clouds have started to drift away - We all have a few that surface from time to time but so long as you can face them and deal with them in your own way your half way there. Keep on doing what your doing and you'll be fine hun, < oops epic post LOL!>

georgina said...

nothing deep to say just"good on you Dyan" luv Georginaxx

Unknown said...

you are such a massive inspiration to me and so many people. I arent good with words so apologies now. So many people as you said have related to what you felt and are going through but for you to get it out and how you feel helps you and others i think. Thats why i wish i had your courage instead of bottling up.
Cannot wait for next Thursday and looking forward to seeing you then

Unknown said...

you are such a massive inspiration to me and so many people. I arent good with words so apologies now. So many people as you said have related to what you felt and are going through but for you to get it out and how you feel helps you and others i think. Thats why i wish i had your courage instead of bottling up.
Cannot wait for next Thursday and looking forward to seeing you then

Carol said...

I...having followed your blog for soooo.. long..feel i know least a little.....But I dont have the courage YOU do....NO One knows me..... no one x x

Sue said...

Ok Ok between you and WEndy I am being painted in a very unflattering light here!!!! First off I HATE HATE HATE peel offs but then you know that LOL and I am not still in bed at half nine.....well not very day.
Cheeky pair of such an whats!!!

Lily Chi said...

Dyan, I'm humbled by you!! Your creativity and honesty and outright bravery in sharing yourself so candidly with us more scared souls who hide away in silence.
Absolutely love the song - and your edit on the lyrics. I'd forgotten how strong the theme is... This is me, take it or leave it! I shall be singing that all day now to cheer myself up - luckily I live alone, LOL.

salamanda said...

Thank you for being so open and for sharing your inspiring art.

Siobhan Brignull said...

you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it, every day is a new day..xx

The Crafts House said...

wouldn't be the same if i couldn't type in AFTH....

Kirsten Alicia said...

Keep on keeping on girl, you can do it. Big love to you.

Angela Weimer said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better and got to eat something. It was nice to talk to you today and I will try to get in tough with Ben tomorrow(Driving lesson took too long today). Those tickets you created are fab. I so wish I had gotten in but by the time I got on to buy them they were gone. You have definately got the courage! you remind me of the lion in the wizard of Oz who had it but did not realize how strong he was. I wish I had half or just a quarter of your courage to speak my mind. Your quote is so true...Over the past year you have inspired me to finally talk/write about my mother and the few years of hell before moving here and that has let a huge weight lift off of me. It is hard to keep inside. So thank you for the encouragement.
Second hand bookshops are fab. Love them. Also love your modification to the Lyrics. Perfect for you. Hope tomorrow is even better than today. Have a good one and hope to visit soon. Angela

okienurse said...

You are what you are!!! Don't let the dumb asses get you down. I love the journal pages you posted yesterday and today. You do awesome work! I wish I could get some of your stamps here in the states. I think the Mario picks are kits for your classes...Wish I could be there but I can't walk that far and it is going to snow again tonight...

Anonymous said...

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Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous journal pages Dyan ;-) Ooh never heard of any of those magazines, is there a hole in my education?
Hope you've having a good day :-)
Anne xx

Kathi said...

If you like pin-ups, tattoos, and cowboy/cowgirls, you should check out the stamps at

I love your artwork and wish you did some teaching on my side of the pond. :D

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