Saturday, February 5, 2011

Me - time..!!!

Did I sleep,...???

Did I buggery...!!!

Fell asleep around 6am

Woke up around 8am...!!

Studio at 9

Teaching at 10

Kids party at 4.30

Cup of tea ( with cream of course.!!) and sit down about 7.30.

So did I give up for the night, go home, have a bath and a relax...??

Err no...!!!!!

Thats the mess from 3 1/2 hrs of indulging myself with my art journaling. Although I love ANY kind of art that I may be up to, sometimes doing for shows, demos, samples, classes, blog etc takes precedence on Art for Arts sake. There is no greater indulgence to me to just play, without thinking of products, techniques, outcomes, business...!!! So thats what I did...

I fed my soul

And it was frikkin starving...

All are works in progress of course, to finish at my liesure (ie tonight when I can't frikkin sleep ,lmao.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

Enjoy xx


lisa_crofts said...

These are awesome. I love the imagery. Where did you get the pics from

Chris said...

I wish I could be THAT productive when I can't sleep!!! Usually I look for matchsticks to keep my oh so sore eyes open...nothing worse than closed eyes when sleep won't come..tis then that the thoughts rush in and make sure you CAN'T sleep at
Can't wait to see the finished pages...they all look awesome and oh I laughed to see the obligatory sweary word snuck in there ha ha're a hoot missus.


Chris xx

Unknown said...

Wow Dylan you are having a hectic time!! as for rhe ART I love it...

Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan

Feeding your soul - an essential past time and now you've got the 'work' side out of the way - I'm loving how you are indulging your creative needs - the pages are as always absolutely awesome!



PS Hope you've managed to get some sleep - no matter how little!

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Well it just proves a point - starved for sleep, jet-lagged, work, kids party ..... all can't keep awesome talent down !

Thank you for sharing, and I truly wish zooming over to Leeds for classes with you was a near possibility.

olive said...

absolutely brill Dy... I;m off to buy some Melatonin which aids sleep and jet lag from Internet!!! but perhaps if you sleep you may not be as productive. Look after yourself. Hugs xxx

Melanie said...

Love the colour's and love the pictures you have used! The way you have put the images together remind me a bit of Dali's work who I am a huge fan of! Also thinking I am in need of a bit of soul feeding! x

Angela Weimer said...

Great pages. You have been a very busy lady here. Wish I had soem time to just indulge the sole. Maybe when all my spare jobs are done. Have a good one. Angela

Siobhan Brignull said...

i lurve them, they are so quirky and some are bad (in a good way). Where do you get all your images from, do you have to buy expensive mags, so sorry you cant sleep but to be able to create like this, thats a gift...

Traceyr said...

Wonderful pages there Dyan and great you fed your soul.


chrisg said...

ohh all scrumptious scrumptious scrumptious.
I've never had jet lag (coz i don't go to far afield!) but it really doesn't sound too good! ALthough your artistic work hasn't suffered for it. I am interested in what mags you are reading LOL - that piccy on the 7th page you posted looks a bit SM!!

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