Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coming to a place near you..???

I need to tell you about a few places I will soon be teaching at.

The first is at The Great Northern Papercraft Show, Harrogate, 19th/20th March. I love this show, and not just because it is local either. There is always a really good turnout and a really good atmosphere. AND I will be returning to defend my title as Champion Card Maker in Ready Steady Craft..!! Now theres a draw for you. But don;t worry lightening doesn't strike twice and a "real" card maker will win it this time and take my trophy. Little do they know  but I have altered the frikkin trophy, not a peel off in sight.!!! lol.

Anyhow, on to my classes , As usual I will be participating in the Breakfast Workshops, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.  Ans as usual, can you please make sure you book early, as the places all fly , and theres nothing I can do to get you on , lol. Just saying.!!!

As well as participating in a fabuloso workshop you also gain entry to the show before  the official opening time ( please note you do need to have purchased a ticket for entry to the show as well), which means you actually get a parking space really, really close. you also get a morning cuppa, a bun, and the pleasure of me whipping you into shape in my usual manic fashion, lol. You sold yet..??

OK I'll tell you what we'll be doing then, shall I.??

Today we will be having fun creating a quirky collage tag. We will be applying a faux bleach inked effect to a tag, with my new release of stunning sprays, learning how to collage with my new downloads, messing around with doodling, titivating with oil pastels and generally having a fabby time, whilst under the watchful eye of the Queen of messing around. Come and venture into my world, you might just like it.

Techniques to learn include: doodling, faux bleach background. quirky collage. You will leave with a goody bag provided and discount voucher for a single transaction on Art from the Hearts' stand on the day of the workshop.

Cost of workshop is £10, pay a non-refundable deposit of £4 when booking and the balance of £6 on day of workshop
Has that grabbed you. ?? Go on then what you waiting for. Book HERE for Saturday and HERE for Sunday.
The next event I am teaching at is a retreat ooop here in the North.
Hello and welcome to Scrap stars. We are very excited to announce our forthcoming scrap booking and craft retreat.

Scrap stars is an exciting new UK based retreat which will be held over the weekend of 1st - 3rd April 2011.
Held in the quaint Yorkshire village of Bramhope, very close to Leeds and Bradford airport, we hope that you will join us for a fantastic weekend of workshops, challenges and other activities.

And of course the event just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of some wonderful celebrity teachers……

which includes Monique Jacobs, Lida de Witte and little old me..!!! Yayy should be fabuloso. And don't be fooled by the word scrap in the title. I'm not even sure if there is any scrapping, lol. Monique is known for her plentiful planners, Lida for thinking out of the box, and me ?? well, you know me inky, painty, sprayey, stampy, messy.!!!!

For more info www.scrapstars.co.uk   and Here  on Face book.

Had a cool workshop today, playing with beeswax, and for all of you who say its a long way to travel, this is Laura. She lovingly calls herself my Ally Pally stalker.!! She travelled down from Hertfordshire, a five hour journey. How cool was that. She is also returning for the Ranger 3 weekend She is known in blog land as Fairielore and you will find her here. She and her husband , the lovely Jay,spent hours at my stand last year just soaking in all the techniques and I have a feeling that one day he might pop down for a course. You hearing that Jay lol..???

Also Janet and Jackie, it was lovely seeing you both today, don't leave it so long next time, and sign up for the newsletter , lol.

Whilst I was in the states, the lovely Pam was in charge of the kids classes. We ar in the middle of a long sewing project, so she decided, in honour of the samples I created to take with me, that she would have the kids making some as well. Here's tonight's class, just frikkin love them..

They had no help, no guidance at all.. They just had to make a sample on a watercolour board. And if you think this is good wait till you see there sewing projects finished, you will be stunned.

Right I am fast running out of time. Will post instructions for the Tim ticket, during the day tomorrow, so not long to go.!!!

Enjoy xx


Laura (Faerielore) said...

Hey hun, Thanks for such a lovely day I had a great time, I cant wait for the ranger mini u weekend now. I also love beeswax, the effect is so cool, definately want me a melt pot now !!!! you look fab in this piccie but whats going on with my wonky smile HAHAHAHAHA we will soon be known as the boot twins hahahahaha Jay sends his love xxxx

Angela Weimer said...

Just signed Belle and myself up for the Sunday workshop at GNPE. Looking forward to it as always. Wow, the kids id a great job on the sample boards. Can't wait to see their sewing projects. Have a good one. Angela

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Sont forget to say you need the £6 for GNPE in exact cash!

Cant wait for Tim getting so excited!

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