Thursday, February 3, 2011

The breakdown...

Tuesday the show is opens earlier and closes earlier. Then it's the big breakdown. Of the booth, not the staff, of course. None of us were flying out until the day after so we could take our time, as you can see.

For those of you who read Tim's blog, and lets face it who doesn't..? you may remember the story at Christmas of Mario feeding the birds, with carrier bags on his feet to protect them from the snow... Well someone made him a little model of it.

On our last night we all had dinner at The Rock n Fish in LA Live, and much to my surprise I was presented with a birthday treat. Don't worry you haven't missed it, I just fancied the waiter so Richelle and Carol fibbed a little. Thanks girls, but I would have preferred it if you hadnt bumped my age up to 50, lol. !!

Oh and just to clear a few things up. Our Ben has commented I am not looking my best on lots of these photos.!!! Thats because the slap goes on at about 7am, I am demoing till 6pm (bout 40 mins break to wee) beers on the stand (only to sooth the dry throats you do realise.!!) and out to eat. So what you see is what you get, lol. But honestly I do start out not that bad, promise.!!

Yesterday I showed you the video of some of the Designer Challenges. Heres mine in more detail. It is Perfect Pearled to within an inch of it's life. Oh and the butterfly was a standing joke and wasn't on the finished project, honest. In fact at this moment in time it is hiding in Tim's suitcase somewhere ready to surprise him..!!!

And heres another clip from Noelle, and this time she gets my name right...Yayy..

Enjoy xx


Kirsten Alicia said...

Love the video & photos. Thanks Dyan.

Sandra Hall said...

Yoohooooo! You're back! I've been excited to see you in action oh Queen of everything! Can't wait to see you and hear all your news :D
Your design piece is so fantabulous Dy (aka Dion!) please say you're making it a weekender?
And be tender with me, my back hurts a very lot :(

Claudia Smith said...

I saw your artwork on one of Noelle Hyman's videos, and I was quite impressed.
I checked out your blog and found it quite entertaining.
Your work is amazing, your blog extremely entertaining. I look forward to learning more in the future.
I think I'm gonna like it here!

Unknown said...

A job well done...the booth looked stunning! i was not there but saw all the pics and vids...your collage is amazing!! love it ,well done.

Angela Weimer said...

Looks like everyone needs a good rest. Is that Jackie in one of the pics of the breakdown? Great project. Loving all the details you did. Have a safe trip home. thanks for sharing the trip with us. Have a good one. Angela

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Fab video! Glad she got your name right! Hope you had a good trip home, cyah Saturday in class


chrisg said...

Wow - so much work gone into that frame Dy - It is stunning. & I love your ledger journal even more now that i've seen it on here.
Hmmm ... may need to go a ledger hunting again LOL.

Sherry's Creations said...

Dyan, I saw you for the first time at CHA and you are AMAZING... I cannot even begin to tell you how much your art inspired me! I wanted to take that ledger book right home with me (and I am an Accountant LOL) xxx

Lynne said...

Love your piece for the Designer's Challenge - it really stands out, nice to see colour!

okienurse said...

Awesome video. I have been following your blog for quite sometime and I was surprised that you sounded exactly like I thought you would. Love your work! I need to buy a couple of your stamps but can't seem to locate them on the Stampers Anon site. Will they be out soon? Thanks

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Hey hun LOVE the video and your Dyan again YAY hehehehehe I love your design peice it really is stunning, the colours are just gorgeous. I have the same DMs there my favourit boots ever i wear them to death hehehehehe looking forward to seeing you next week, so excited about finally playing with beeswax woohoo xxxx

Candy C said...

LOVE your comments and pictures about tearing down after the show! It seems like it just got here and BOOM! was over! I was the one who made the spool doll for Mario. That whole trash bag boots thing was a total crack up to me. As soon as I saw the picture on Tim's blog...I knew that had to be a spool doll for Mario! haha
I loved seeing the pics of you guys being able to RELAX a bit after the show. Ranger, Stampers Anonymous and Adavntus booths were FABULOUS! I LOVE all of their products and was so proud of how they were represented! Totally blew me away!

Rhayne said...

haha, I love that you are as impatient as I. I really feel alone when I see everyone taking their time with inks and paints :o)

Noell-Hyman said...

Hi, Dyan! If it makes you feel any better that I messed up your name, my own name has no E at the end.

Hee hee!

Maybe we're even now? Not really, but hey...

I just found your blog and I've been catching up and found this. About to subscribe to your RSS now. :)


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