Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sooooooooooooooooooooo I just came off skyping with Tim, my CHA class is all signed, sealed and approved...Yayyy....

The supply list has been ticked off and will be getting packed this week. stamps to be made, pearls to be potted and supplies to be counted.

The beforehand prepping, painting, diecutting and stampin, will soon be underway at Ranger HQ. It's really wierd handing workshop prep over, if I like it I could maybe try to pass it all to Ben...!!!!! NOT..!!!!

Just need to do all the step by steps now, and the photos and translate all my Yorkshireness into language that they will understand, lol.

Oh and I need to send the supply list for my demo desk as everything gets shipped at the end of the week, can you believe.??

AND for some reason Tim keeps expecting me to be really disorganised....I mean..How Ruuuuuuuude....lmao. I know, I know.... I know I give that impression, but when it comes to teaching everything has to be just right. Especially when I am not in my studio and can't just whip out a substitute.

Plus I am in the company of some Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggg names in the industry, who will be in the classroom with me!!! We all teach our seperate sections of the workshop and then help everyone else with theirs.
Soooooooooooooooooooooo when I aren't teaching my bit I will be assisting them, which means

Holy Frikkin Mackeroly

my teaching assistants on the day will be:

The lovely Claudine Helmuth

The gorgeous Wendy Vecchi

and the Man himself Tim Holtz............

How frikkin freaky is that...?????? lol.

Better make sure I get plenty of piccies.
 Mind you Our Ben usually does all that.
He does all the PR.
He finds all the little treasures you can't live without
He places all the orders on time and makes sure we are near the front for delivery.
He does all the web updates.
he makes sure I have ev erything I need and don't get waylaid by shiny twinkly things. He makes sure I'm on the right plane and flying in the right direction.

And bugger me he's not coming this time....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh....

So if you are in LA and see a quirky Brit wandering round looking lost, please point me in the direction I am supposed to be going...!!!!

Whilst skyping with Tim I was having sneaky previews of his latest releases. You going to just love his


and everyone is going to need his


and you are going to pee yourself when you see his range of


But don't let on I told you as he'll kill me, lol.

Mind you he will be doing a sneak reveal any minute now on his BLOG so you'd better get over there and have a look. Maybe he will show you his £&^"$%^&**££&&&&&&....!!!

Enjoy xx


Sue said...

See ya there then!!! He he!!

Kristin said...

LOL, you crack me up :) Enjoy your day!

DGgirl said...

If you're not going to have a Ben then you definitely need a Gill!!!!!!!

Have a fab time tho'


salamanda said...

Sounds amazing - and I bet all three Americans are every bit as excited to be teaching with that talented Brit Even if they don't know what you are saying.

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW how exciting !!!!! and our Dy deserve no other for her teaching assistance hehehehehe xxxx

Siobhan Brignull said...

oooh do I want to see TIms ^^"&^£$&*("^$)!"

next time I could be Ben for you, Id even dress up, ROFL

thekathrynwheel said...

If Ben can't go you could take me. I would look after you, point you in the right direction and make you lots of caffeine-free tea with a good dollop of cream in.
I think you will be right at home with all the other tutors :-)
mwah mwah xx
P.S. See you sun. Book me in!

Angela Weimer said...

Sounds like your gonna have a lovely time teaching at CHA. I miss taking the classes but not the headaches of the ordering afterwards and the choosing ....makes my head hurt. No Ben??? whatever will you do. ;)
Just kidding. Have a great time and I am sure your class will rock! Angela

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