Thursday, January 27, 2011

We wish that we could be California girls.....

After what felt like travelling for days, I finally made it to Los Angeles airport. I was seated in a row of four, between two toddlers!!! It was my personal idea of hell, lol. Can you imagine being sandwiched between two littlies who cry, scream, poo, throw up, cry some more for 12 hours with no escape.??? It was a relief to finally touch down. And then we had the hell of immigration. Now this is always bad at the best of times,  but 2 1/4 hrs, that was just frikkin unbelievable. I finally crawled through approx 2 secs before I lost the will to live.
When the shuttle dropped me outside the hotel, \I was a little worried as it looked like a really cheap hotel on the backstreets of Benidorm, but once inside I was quite surprised. The whole place has a vintage Moroccan theme and it is like living in a 70's Kasbah.!!! And kid ye not at the back there is an illuminated, coffin shaped swimming pool. I;ll try do some pics tomorrow.
Yesterday was quite relaxing and we ended up going out for Dinner with the Stampers anonymous team. We went to a Mexican , where the service was the most appalling I have ever encountered. Waiting for this, waiting for that, cold meals sent back, then sent back again. Waiting ages between courses, and them all coming out in the wrong order. We waited so long for desert to be offered to us that I purloined the pud from the table next to us. Don't
know what they were but OMG they were frikkin gorgeous dipped into some kind of fruit sauce. And tasting all the better for not paying for them!
On the plus side the table made guacamole was, simply to die for, so good we all ordered seconds, and the best rocks and salt Margaritas that I have had in a long long time.
so we have spent the day  setting up the booth, finishing off samples,

From left, Alain, Patti, Wendy and two SA girlies.

Ted Mr SA, Mario, Tim, Joy and Michelle (Mrs Stampers Anonymous)

Making the fresh guacamole.

How fabby does that look.?

And the stolen desert.!!!!!

Have spent the day setting up the booth, finishing off samples, making boards and generally having a fabulous time.!
I have taken plenty of video, just not sure how to upload them yet. Will have to wait till I get home and then Our Ben will sort it for me.
I took the next few shots of a certain someones booth being set up, do you think you can guess whose booth this is.??

That gorgeous broken doll - I want, I want, I want...

And how green, with envy, am I .?? What a fantastic show of hands, lol.

Right, need to sleep

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Dylan who cares if the dinner was bad...I mean you were sitting at the same table as TIM ...the "Lord
Tim...and yes the props for your booth look fantastic,and may i say Maybe the most interesting???
Enjoy!!(Waiting to hear more about CHA)

Artyjen said...

Thanks for sharing:)
Flight does indeed sound a nightmare!! LOL
Have fun at CHA if you can with all the long hours involved
xoxo Sioux

Sarah said...

mmmmmm churros!

your hotel sounds...interesting! I wish I had an illuminated coffin shaped pool!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Glad you arrived safely!

That booth stuff is either Tims or graphic 45, cant decide which, both are gonna be so cool!

Laura (Faerielore) said...

OMG hell on earth, or should i say hell in the sky, not the best way to fly hahahahaha oh well you get to go to CHA so i dont feel that sorry for you hehehehehe That has to be tims stand, how cool is the doll, creepy !!!! and how fab does the coffin pool sound !!!! i want piccies pelase. Glad you had a safe journal hun, even if it did sound horrendous xxxx

thekathrynwheel said...

Ok, so the flight sounds like crap, but as for the rest of it ..... next year I'm definitely coming with ya LOL!! (If you are so good at nicking puddings can you nick the spooky looking doll for me? You know how I like spooky dolls!)Enjoy the rest of your time there :-)))

Siobhan Brignull said...

fabarooni, is it Dawn Bibbys stand, ROFPML

Sandra Hall said...

All good stuff then...'cept the plane journey! Everything looks great Dy...I can almost hear the cogs turning in your mind, filling up with inspiration! Have the bestest fun :D x

SueC said...

Poor you sandwiched between two littlies - aaaggghhh!!!!
Fabulous artifacts on that stand except for the doll heads - they spook me out - Kate you are welcome to them!
The stolen desert looks like churros. We have them here in Spain with a cup of thick hot chocolate - so thick you can stand the churros up in - and they are delicious but sooo fattening!!!!!
Enjoy CHA x

Kaz said...

Hhmm I'm not sure about that pudding - is it deep fried poo??!!
If you pinch the doll for Kate, could you pinch me one of those hands please? After all, didn't they pinch your dragon?
Have a blast xx

Anonymous said...

hullo, Dyan, just "lurking" on your blog, checking out your CHA adventures! Hope you are enjoying your time at the show. Just wanted to let you know, from the looks of the photo, the dessert you ate appears to be "churros". If we can get you down to Barcelona sometime,we'll be sure to eat some! Happy trails!

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