Monday, January 24, 2011

Exciting times on the |Ranger website...

Well it seemed you all loved the backgrounds on yesterday's post. I f you fancy having a go yourself then book yourself onto this CLASS where you will complete a similar version

I decided to decorate the front cover today with Perfect Pearls, colourwash, bead trim and a copy of one of my Journal pages copied onto Sticky back canvas.

I also did a few brighter backgrounds with Adirondack Dabbers and Colourwash

Here they are waiting to be coloured with Perfect Pearls mixed as paint

And I finished this bunch of canvas "inner girls". We all have lots of "inner girls" inside us that surface at times of stress, doubt and sheer blind panic. And they need to be reassured with calm soothing words. So these are slightly padded tags ( to be extra tactile), with my inner girl on one side and a reassuring quote on the other. Done 12 so far and ideas for tons more, lol.

They are made from stiff,primed canvas and sprayed with Adirondack colourwash and Perfect Pearl Mists. Stamped with Dylusions and padded

Here's what my inner girl should be feeling

So why is it feeling like this instead...?

Think I will have to tuck this one into my hand luggage!!

Cool eh. This will also be a class in the next Workshop brochure.

The lovely Kinky Kate from my design team came round to pay her dues today and made a few samples for me. Gorgeous or what.?

I ran up a new collage at the last minute and have used the artwork for my new business card.

Every year I get a one of the most coveted item of clothing ever to own. Yes it's the Ranger Pinny. An extremely much wanted it. And every year I alter it a bit my way.!! lol  This is how it is starting out this time.
A copy of the business card printed onto \sticky back canvas and then sewn onto the pinny.

Me and Our Ben are going to have a little experiment in the morning at doing you a little techniques dvd. I want to show you this really cool technique to achieve the similar "ghosting" effect of the following couple of pis

And these very sorry state of affairs are my nails, would you believe..??? How bad is that. I can only put it down to the speed of which I have been working !!



If you go to Ranger Industries website and click on this link, you will see.

Yup they are distributing my stamps for me in The USA.


I nearly frikkin wet myself when I saw it a couple of days ago.

This is what it reads

Dyan Reaveley "Dylusions" Stamps
by Stampers Anonymous

Creative stamps from the Dyan Reaveley Dylusions collection . Dyan is a Ranger Senior Educator. Stamps designed by Dyan Reaveley, distributed by Ranger, and manufactured by Stampers Anonymous.


You will also be able to see previews of the rest of the Ranger families stamp releases or catch them on their blogs.

Signature Designer Claudine Hellmuth
Creative Director Tim Holtz
Senior Educator Wendy Vecchi

Need to get some sleep ready for a loooooooooong day tomorrow and then it's away I fly.

Enjoy xx


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Have a safe and fun trip! Congratulations on the stamps!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, this all looks gorgeous (apart from your nails of course). The inner girlies are pure genius - are you going to do a class making these? Please?! Just don't make the class Tuesday or Thursday 'cos I won't be able to make it if you do!! Mwah x

Sarah said...

Phew, I get tired just reading about all you have been creating, do you never sleep, woman?? :)

Looking forward to the technique instruction vid as those “ghosty” backgrounds are gorgeous

Hope you have a BRILLIANT time in the grand old US of A!

georgina said...

and well deserved too,you have worked hard for this and yeeeeha to you,be safe and enjoy, luv Georginaxxx

Angela Weimer said...

Clapping here! Congratulations on Ranger distributing your stamps. Love your tags and quotes. I saw about the Book of Backgrounds class and clicked the link all excited and just my luck. That is the day of my driving test. Yep. My luck of course. Anyhow. Have a great trip and enjoy. PS, Love what you did with the Pinny. Safe travels. Angela

salamanda said...

I love your tag girls - we should all carry them for a little bit if reassurance in tough times. Congratulations on the Ranger stamps and a video would be so helpful as I can't make it for a workshop class cos of work, family life stuff.

Siobhan Brignull said...

fly safely, enjoy, the americans will love it all, loving the ghosting look cant wait to see how to do it, and dont forget to nick something of Mario's that you can tease him with like he did with your dragon

Kristin said...

Beautiful backgrounds and texture.

Congrats on your stamps,wonderful news!!

Travel safe!

Paper Paradise said...

Love the girls... FANTASTIC, but I love the news that your stamps are being distributed in the USA by Ranger even more!!!!!! So very well deserved Dyan. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patcrafts said...

Have a safe journey and a good time hope all your stuff is a huge success as I am sure it will be.
By the way did I leave my A4 journal on one of your shelves can't find it anywhere and I am in the habit of leaving things behind where ever I go.
Don't know how you do all this on so little sleep!!! xx

Highland Monkey's said...

Woah lots of gorgeousness on your blog.

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott