Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ooh looked like it worked...

Sooooo am I sat here all smug and satisfied because I am packed and ready to go.????

What do you think..???

Am I frikk, lol.

I am sat in the middle of the living room surrounded by samples and clothes, knowing that there is something really important I am supposed to do.!! I am getting picked up for the airport in 3 hours. Aaaaaaargh..!!!

Ah well I can sleep on the plane.!!

I have been running round like the proverbial blue arsed fly all day and I seem to have suddenly run out of steam. But I didn't forget that I had promised you a technique video. So feast your eyes on this. Filmed on my iphone would you believe so the volume is not brilliant, but it was all done in one take, lol. I hope you enjoy it and have a go yourselves.

I showed it to my Tuesday night ladies and that was it, they sprayed and blotted all night long lol.

Here's a couple of Bezzie Su's backgrounds.

cool aren't they..?

I,d like to intoduce you to the work of some fans of Dylusions.

Conny  who loves my stuff and makes cool samples
Chrisg a fellow Northern Soulie. I have been meaning to post this link for 2 mths now.!! Luscious ledger journals.
Piddawinkle who has a fabby step by step journal page.
Laura who has been blogging her fabulous travel journal.

OK that's it , I really need to pack.

I'll try and blog as often as I can whilst I'm away.

See ya chickies xx


Darcy Marshall said...

ooooooer thats a bit like magic!!!

I shall be trying that this week.x

Chris said...

OMG fan-fffffflippin-tastic you queen of cleverness!!!
I NEEDS ME some of yer inks...I WILL get some this month... I will.... I will.... even if I may have to rob a bank...pmsl
Thanks for the tutorial you awesome inspiring woman you... hope you have an amazing time away :D
Chris xx

Paper Paradise said...

You NEVER fail to amaze with your talents. To think this yummy background was created in just a couple of minutes!!!!!!!!! Have a fab time. xxx

katy said...

Love the video ! have a safe trip Dy xxxx

Helen said...

That is fantastic!! Now, I don't have any of your sprays yet (sorry!!) so does this work with others?

Bernice Hopper said...

I love the technique and your video. Hope you find time to do more when you get back. Love the bird stencil - is it a stencil? Where can I get one?

Laura (Faerielore) said...

this looks FAB i know what ill be getting up to today hehehehehe right off to get the sprays out and ran sack the kitchen roll. Have a fabulous time at CHA you lucky thing and thank you for the link darling, hope you enjoyed the travel journal all of the colour in it was with your dylusions, love these products so much. Also thanks again for the tutorial, love it !!!! hope you have a safe flight, talk soon xxxx

salamanda said...

That just looks so much fun and works so well. Hadn't thought of keeping the kitchen roll in the roll.

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Fab video! have fin in LA

judith@poppy cottage said...

Fab technique, so simple, and it looks amazing! Have a great time, Judith xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Well ive tried and tested it and yes i did love it !!!! thanks again hun, pop over to my blog to see what i made using your tutorial xxxx

Ann-Marie said...

Oohh it's gorgeous I'm off to my play room to have a go now...Thank you for sharing this Master Yoda, enjoy your trip to CHA, Mwah x

Siobhan Brignull said...

omg thanks for the link, should really have credited you as well as you started me off, soz :)

Conny said...

Ooooooooh! Wonderful! I will try this technique as soon as possible, with two childs in my life :) Thanks a lot for the LINK, Dyan!!!

chrisg said...

Great technique Dy - Will try it out asap.
Have a brill time at CHA - NOOOO I'm not green with envy this is just Dylusions spray ink - Peridot to be precise LOL
(((Hugs))) for the mention - now I need to pull my finger out and scan some more pages to justify the shout out. (I'm a procrastinator you know! - it's my age)
Have a wild time with Sir Tim (that goes without saying)!
Chris x KTF

Craphty said...

Fantastic the first video of many I hope. Enjoy LA. X c

Angela Weimer said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Have a great trip. Angela

Shannon said...

What a great technique, I don't know why but I would have never thought of that. Thanks so much for sharing. I adore your artwork and your products btw.

Lisa said...

OMG that's berrrrilliant!

Jacqui Chimes said...

great video - can we have more please, please pl,ease

Diana said...

Brilliant darling brilliant!!!

i can't wait to try this!

Lisa Somerville said...

Fab tutorial - I gave it a whirl, love the outcome!

Aija said...

This is a great tutorial! Thanks for showing how to do the ghosting technique. Now the mystery is solved for me!!

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