Monday, January 10, 2011

Only in America.......

This is soooooo funny, I pinched it from Jack and Cat Curio blog.   She is hilarious. I think she could have talked the robber to death..!!!!

and this is even funnier, the music version. Mind you I can't get the frikkin tune out of my head....I'm backing up, backing up.....!!

Enjoy xx


Jayne said...

o my good... that was funny... i was laughing so my tears was running... there is always so many cracy people or different :-)

Have a nice day


salamanda said...

Thank you for posting this - made me laugh and forget my flu blues.

Craphty said...

Chuckle muscles working overtime now. Thank you.

Carol Q said...

flippin brilliant!

Kristin said...

We Americans are drinkin' some funny koolaid sometimes but she is on anther planet! LMAO, thanks for sharing :)

Lynlee said...

too stinkin' funny!!! Thanks for the giggles!

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