Sunday, January 2, 2011

onward and upward....

I,ve noticed on lots of peoples blogs, that they are doing their top 10 of 2010, wether it be art journaling, cards, scrapbook pages....

So heres mine on my art journal pages, but couldn,t limit it to 10 so had to make it 15, lol.

They are all in no particular order, as like all 4 of my children, I love them all equally in their own unique ways..

the first is a double spread

This was done really early in the year

From one of the Moleskines

This was one from my treasured stolen journal.

speaks for itself.

A lot of hidden emotion in this one.

Ledger journal.

I don't often have a finished layout in mind, but this turned out exactly as I wanted it to.

Love the depth in my Dylusions paint range.

Say no more.!!

This was from  a class excercise I set, and it just flowed.

Simple but true.

 Not my usual style, but love this one

Old favourites, song lyrics and my downloads

and ditto

They are my top 15 at the moment but every time I look through them  all I seem to change my mind again lol.

Now for one fabby bit of news....Jay came out of hospital yesterday, and is now reclined like a wrung out dishcloth on her bed slowly recuperating. She will be off work for a while still as she builds up her strength and immunity. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and best wishes, they were much appreciated.

I, as you have come to expect!!!!!, started off the New Year with great shock, stunned realisation and bitter disappointment, and I,m hoping that it will have fulfilled my shit quota for the first few months of the year.!!!!

So I,m going to leave you with 2 quotes ( couldn't decide between the two, lol)

"Sometimes the hardest decision to make is the one that is best for you. But in the end you have to trust your heart to do what is right"

"There are 2 days in every week that you can't worry about...Yesterday and Tomorrow.
You can't change what happened Yesterday
and you can,t control what will happen Tomorrow....
So live for Today "


Unknown said...

I love looking at your journaling. It is truly amazing--and that is two words I don't use often.

Sure glad to hear your daughter is doing so much better.

I am so sorry about starting the year with a great disappointment. I believe that whatever it was, will now create an opportunity for you to focus in another direction where some exciting things are waiting for you.

Both quotes are excellent, aren't they?

Sandra Hall said...

So glad Jay is home and beginning to mend!
Your journal pages are fantastic Dy - your oh so creative mind takes what you go through in life (including all the c****y stuff) and spills over to produce these un-matchable and awesome works of art! x x x

Luna Art said...

Fantastic pages, love all of them but my fav is the 'bend over backwards' one. So glad your daughter is out of hospital and I wish her a speedy recovery. I had all your paint and spray ink range for my birthday and Xmas...they are amazing, go on like a dream, the colours are fab and I can write over them in any pen...I know they will improve my creativity!!

thekathrynwheel said...

So glad that Jay is out of hospital .... I think it will be some time before she feels anything like 'normal'.
OK, my fave page is the one with the dog ... but I LOVE them all of course :-)
Sorry you had to start the year with something sh*t ..... You know what they say, things can only get better xx

Ann said...

Great news about Jay. Love your quotes as ever. Axx

olive said...

so thrilled Jay is back home and her way to recovery.... I'm sure she will be spoilt rotten. As always loving the pages. xxxx

chrisg said...

Hi Dyan
Glad to hear that Jay is home & on the mend. If she missed crimbo does that mean a re-run in Feb LOL.
Just love your journal pages - so unique, so Dyan. Hard pressed to pick a fave but the double pager - so vibrant (something i need to work on).
Here's to a better 2011 for you and the gang
Chris x

patcrafts said...

So pleased Jay is home and on the mend, I am sure you will give her all the tender loving care she needs.
All your pages are truly amazing and difficult to decide on a fave.
Sorry about your rotten start to the new year but I am wishing you a healthy and happy year.
See you on the 16th
Love Pat xx

Diane said...

So glad that Jay is home and recovering, Dyan!
Great review of the year's work but an impossible task for you to choose the best - it's all fabulous!
Diane x

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to wish you a happy New Year! May it be healthy, and may all your dreams come true! Thanks for all the inspiration you brough last year, keep on rockin' woman!

Siobhan Brignull said...

ohhh f***, your life should be on telly as it never seems to be smooth running, love the strength that keeps you going, its to be admired. Best wishes and hopes for a smoother 2011.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Happy New Year to you, I'm sorry it started off so badly for you, I hope the rest of 2011 brings you only good things.
I'm delighted that your daughter is home & recovering.
Every one of your journal pages is a beautiful work of art, I look forward to seeing more this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo lovely! Now when are your lovely Dylusions going to go stateside or do I need to become an importer? Or go black market ;-)

cockney blonde said...

Love all the pages Dyan but most importantly so glad that Jay is home and recovering, x

Angela Weimer said...

What great journal entries. I always love looking at your work. Glad Jay is doing better. I know your year will get better just hang in there. the best is yet to come I am sure.
Have a wonderful day. Angela

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Fabulous that Jay is recovering well, hope she is back on her feet real soon.

Sounds like we both started the year of with a big s**tty s**tty bang bang! Sending big hugs


Laura (Faerielore) said...

These are all sooooo stunning!!!! hope jay is feeling better soon. I got two of your courses for christmas YAY the beeswax one and the mini ranger U weekend, im so excited i cant wait :) now i just need to figure out where harrogate is in relation to me hahaahaha

Anonymous said...

The pages - one word only:


Jay - lots of words but all wrapped in one:




Thanks babe xx

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