Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Teaching in Connecticut.

I spent last weekend teaching in the beautiful town of Westbrook, Connecticut, at the Beautiful Impressions store.

As it wasn't too far from Ranger Headquarters I was met half way and escorted by the owners stepdaughter Kim and her gorgeous babies Kylie May and Maci (hope that is spelt correctly!). There's nothing like a good old Frozen singalong to get you in the mood is there?

There followed 2 full days of inky goodness with some fabulous students.

I squeezed a couple of extra peeps into the class, and these two lovelies volunteered to sit at my desk. Sounds good in theory, but not in practise. Thank you Lori and Sue for putting up with me pinching all the equipment !!

Mary, the store owner, had tried to keep her birthday quiet, to no avail and a resounding chorus of Happy Birthday soon rang out.

6am Monday morning it was back to Ranger, accompanied once again by the two adorable babies. I spent the day trying to finish all loose ends and fit all my belongings and Christmas presses into my luggage …think quart into a pint pot and you get the idea. Luckily I got a first class upgrade and sneaked an extra suitcase in…Gotta love frequent flyer status.!!!

Whilst out and about I came across THE best ever Halloween garden decoration.

How frikkin cool is this?

Then it was an early start (again!!) to the airport. I keep wondering where the rock and roll life is going to appear, lol.

I was met at the airport by my Ethel, the gorgeous Tanya, and we immediately spent hours putting the world to rights.

On the way to the store look what popped up !!

Made me homesick for my gorgeous grumpy feline !

And how about this for a chair!!!
It matches my skull dress !

I have spent today holed up in my hotel room, catching up on emails, etc. Unfortunately whilst I am busy on tour my non existent PA fails to answer things for me . How ruuude!!!

Last week also saw the launch of mine and the fabulous Dina Wakleys online course Back2back.

Not joined?

What are you waiting for??

Click HERE for details

Tomorrow will be spent looking for Halloween costumes, report back later

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

You always, ALWAYS find the most interesting things whilst you're out and about! That skull chair is super cool... did you get it and ship it back home?! bwahahaha :) So happy for you that your classes are going well. Know everyone just loves them and you. We've all been practicing things we learned while you were at Betty's and helping each other remember the techniques. :) Happy Halloween... eat lots of yummy candy!

Linda's Lovelies said...

Thoroughly enjoyed taking your class at Beautiful Impressions Too! It was even more fun than i knew it would be! Thanks for visiting us!

Pkozak said...

Welcome to DLP Dyan! Have almost all your stamps, all your sprays and journals! Love it all and can't wait to start a brand new Dylusions journal for DLP! Hope to get one from you for 2015 DLP! Looking forward to u joining the DLP team! How exciting! Pat Kozak, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada!

Riley and Company said...

Ha ha! I hadn't seen this post! Good things I did! I forgot to get the pic of you in the chair! Luv ya Lucy!

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