Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eat, Drink and Be Scary…..Edited

While I have been touring the States, Jay, the Resident Bit of Glamour, at Reaveley Towers has been whipping up a Halloween treat for you all. All made with Dylusions inks and stamps.Hasn't she done a fantabulous job?

Does your Halloween party look as inviting as this one??

First of all, some fabulous tags

Loving the bat costume and shoes!!

Garlands galore !!

Boney Maloney looks fabulous just hanging around!!

Treats only in this household…

Oooooh fancy a chocolate cake…??

Blown away by these cake toppers!!

Its not often I could say I was happy to find a centipede in my food !!

I bet these didn't last long! Fabulously modelled by THE Most Beautiful Grand daughter in the World!!!

Hope there's some left for me when I get home…

Enjoy your Halloween xx

EDIT… Almost forgot my favourite !!!

Enjoy xx


Kathyk said...

Fabulous, Dyan, really cool party décor

Happy Halloween


Marie R said...

I have one of those.........the most beautiful granddaughter in the world, that is. Her name is Phoebe and she is 4 😀

Caroline D. said...

Such Boooo-tiful decorations! Gorgeous tags too! Know you are missing your grand daughter, but you'll be there soon!

Unknown said...

Lovely party décor!! Yummy looking cupcakes, too :) Looks like the party is at your place :) XOXO-Shari T.

Sharon Y said...

Fun! I want to go to that party!

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