Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yayy…new stamps for you.

 A little surprise for you all this month. I have managed to sneak in two Christmas stamp sets. Whoop whoop.

The first is…One two Tree

And the second is Happy Holly Days

I've been busy, out on the road, but Jay, The Resident bit of Glamour at Reaveley Towers, has whipped up some samples for you.

How gorgeous are they ??

They have started shipping and will be in stores shortly.

AFTH have them in stock HERE

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Omg I'm in love with the trees

Unknown said...

Lovely and can't wait for Betty's to arrive!!

Tona said...

I adore those Christmas trees.

NBCT5 said...

Delightful. Plus I just watched an older YouTube of you making a Christmas journal page. These new trees I can see used in many ways.
My early Christmas present though, is the trip to Bavaria with you and yours. Yes! Keep dylusioning us.

Bridget L said...

Jay, these are totally gorgeous! Fab inspiration, thank you.

WineCountryman said...

I want the New Christmas Stamps... Problem is just try and find them..I can't find them and I don't have the time to run around I am to busy running my friend for his Chemo and Radiation treatments.
Ranger won't sell direct because they have there Retail Dtores that sell them first !! PROBLEM NUMBER ONE THEY NEVER HAVE THEM, Frustratingly I just can't find? Dear Santa if your listening can you please send me some New Stamps the Christmas ones before Christmas!!! I promise to be a Good Boy!!Napa Jim

Unknown said...


Rea' said...

Awesome samples ! Those trees are too cute !

Miranda said...

fabby examples love them

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