Friday, October 17, 2014

Divide and conquer….

Although I look as though I live in chaos, I actually cannot stand clutter and disorder. I am a firm believer in "a place for everything and everything in it's place"!

I spend a lot of time at Ranger Headquarters, New Jersey, and my "stuff" was taking over. I had only a little storage and it wasn't good for my creativity.

So I hotfooted it to the mecca that is Ikea and loaded up my trolleys.

I can't begin to tell you how many screws there are in that set of drawers !!

 Finally it was all put together and placed in position. I'm not quite there yet, but here's a peek so far.

Can't have inspiration without these four!!

What do you mean? Eight pen cases isn't excessive!!!

A wardrobe to house my teaching outfits.

 Plenty of doors and drawers to make it look tidy.

Can you tell I like storage?

I collect Monster High dolls, they inspire me so much. At home my studio is full of them, so of course they have to e here as well.

Did you spot this on my noticeboard? It was made by the lovely Patti Behan and I love it.

I have left the sanctuary of storage to spend the weekend teaching at Scrappers Playground, Long Island. There are still a few spots available, why don't you come play with me.

Enjoy xx


ESS said...

Love it, looks all inspirational as well as tidy. Can you fly down and sort mine out please, Michelle xoxox

Peanut0601 said...

Come strip and redo my room. It is a disaster!! Love all your storage. I would love to run rampant in Ikea!! Love the monster high mermaid. I may have to get one of those.

Joanne said...

I wish my craft room looked as good as your office space. I have mis matched furniture but it's great storage and I make it work! We are still talking about your great classes here in Virginia!

Caroline D. said...

Organization is a constant effort with every crafter I believe. I know it is with me any way. Love all your new nooks, drawers and boxes! I spied some things I want to get from IKEA too... hehehe! thanks for all the great pics! Have a fun weekend teaching!

Sharon Y said...

Yay for storage! Nice to have things all tidy isn't it? Looks good.

Rea' said...

Okay so umm you gonna make me feel guilty... I gotta go work on my area some more !!!
It looks great !!

Unknown said...

Wish I was in NY! Miss you much and can't wait to see you again soon muaah

Unknown said...

I have seen that teal storage on Pinterest. Can't see it in UK IKEA. Does it have a name?
Think I need it as my crates don't do pretty like that lol x

mamablitger said...

Great work you did to get organized. Wish I could do the same. But cant find a space for the furniture. But they seem quite adequate for the purpose ! IKEA is a great place...
Hope you'll have a great weekend teaching ! Wish I could go there too... Sigh... Lol
Hugs from Monica... Spain

mamablitger said...

Ps ...your big dolls ate fabulous. Did you alter them yourself ?? Do you buy dolls and alter them or do you make them from scratch ? Where do you get them in case they are altered dolls ??
Sorry for all the questions.... But they do look fab and gorgeous !!!
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Tona said...

Like you, I like storage & everything organized. I just can't create surrounded by clutter.
Your space is looking great!

Dara Lynn said...

Loooove the Ikea storage to organize my room too!

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