Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun at Betty's

Last weekend I travelled to Greensboro, to the lovely Betty's store.

Friday night was a "tea with the Queen" where they had laid on, cucumber sandwiches, pots of tea, fairy cakes and chocolate digestives. Yum.

Here I am with the staff and Charlotte the dog.

And heres Betty herself.

Love how they customised one of my stamps for the door decal.

Such a busy day, there wasn't room to swing a cat !!

And Sunday was even busier.

The lovely ladies, Drema and Wanda, brought in lots of tags they had made with my stamps…gorgeous .

And the lovely Vicki brought me a full set of markers that her and her daughter had made with the Crayola marker maker. How cool and thank you again.

Sunday was, thankfully, a lot quieter, but Charlotte still insisted on joining in!

Can you guess what we were making, lol.

 Here are the fabulous results, just before they take them home and add the finishing touches.

Phew…a busy few days deserves to end with a visit to the Mother Ship, doesn't it??

I am now in Virginia at Angela's Happy Stamper, so hope to see you there.

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

Thanks for the trip down happy memory lane and for the photos!! I had an absolute awesome time in all your workshops at Betty's!! And I thoroughly enjoyed getting to create along with you in a different fashion on the canvas... love it! Have fun in Virginia

Teena said...

There is always Fun at Betty's and it becomes twice the fun when Dyan is there! This was a wonderful weekend! (Hope you got some time to relax and gave your voice time to rest and heal. Come back soon!!! :)

Unknown said...

Dyan, I hope you had a very relaxing 3 days to recharge. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and a bit of yourself. I had so much fun in class. Have fun playing with the markers. Lydia and I enjoy being able to write with your fabulous inks as well as draw with them when they are in marker form. Lydia says she gets to take class next time you are in the area. Vicki

Nancy Cardin said...

Thanks for all the fun and goodies, already looking forward to next year!

sreynolds999 said...

Already looking forward to your next visit! As always, enjoyed your classes and love your products! Safe travels, Dyan!!

Unknown said...

Thanks a bunch for a wonderful weekend, hope you had a great break, looking forward to seeing you again soon crafty hugs xx

Miranda said...

love Charlotte the dog, and she is really good in making AJ pages ...she had some great pages lying in front of her...wish I could see her paws....mine are always covered in ink LOL

Ahdini said...

i can feel the warmth of the atmosphere! they all seem so fun to be around and you guys must had a wonderful time. and the colors oh, how beautiful!

have a nice day!xx

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