Friday, August 30, 2013

The lost pictures.....

I thought I had lost all the photos from The Stampaway show in Cincinnatti, but a few have turned up on my US phone.

I flew in but my luggage didn't lol, so I had to hang around a few hours to wait for it. Imagine my surprise when it arrived on the same flight as these two characters. We were all there to demo on The Stampers Anonymous booth for the lovely Michelle and Ted Cutts, two of the nicest people in the business.

Its a tough show you set up in the afternoon and the show starts at night lol, so it is all hands on deck

Lunch for an army arrived to keep us going

On the Friday night there is always a dress code, this year it was hats and Mario got into the swing of things with this little number.

I was sporting a beehive made from balloons

 Me lovely friend Lee

And this gorgeous smile belongs to my new bestie Trevor. I think I was a good influence in the food department, lol.

Nothing was too much trouble for him, he brought me drinks and snacks if I needed them.

After watching for a while he seemed fascinated with what I was doing, so I sat him down with a journal and let him play...

...and play...

and play some more, lol

Just look at what he produced. Definitely an art journaler in the making...

I, meanwhile, was journaling on  anything and everything. This is one of Tim's burlap panels

The show was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so hopefully will be back again next year.

I am currently in Philadelphia in a town called The King of Prussia and I decided it was time to give myself some much needed R n R. Heres step one...

I'll let you know how I get on, lmao

Enjoy xx


Lady Bright said...

Lady, you are FABulous!! Wonderful that your luggage arrived with Tim and Mario. You sure they didn't hijack it on purpose? ;)

Quite the creative sidekick! Love the journal he created.

Very enjoyable following your escapades! Rock on, Dyan. Rock on!

Sande said...

I love your sense of humor and Style!

AKscrapper said...

You are too funny. I had a good laugh. I hope your mask was refreshing!

Donna Smith. Alaska

Helen said...

So glad you found these photos, wouldn't wanted to have missed the last one, rofl! Trevor looks a brilliant journaller already. Your burlap panel is fabulous.

Lily Chi said...

Great photos! Mario with the Oscar Wilde look...Oh, and I just lurve your new look LOL!

Gery said...

Thanks for sharing all your photo's.
It was fun to look at.
Groetjes Gery

Debbie said...

Great photo's Dy.
Ha Ha. I had a face mask on like that last night!! Debbiex

borgqueen said...


susiesu said...

Wow what happened Dyan?? The Tim Holtz burlap panel is very subdued for you????? Love it anyway1 Trevor is def an Art Journaler - his pages are amazing. Glad your luggage turned up with the two monkeys!!! lol Susiesu xxx

Kaz said...

mmm....hope that's not my new eyeliner on your face! LOL
I want a treveor!! He rocks!

kaz x

Miranda said...

fabulous pics and wow awesome project by Trevor just fabulous

about the last pic...did you chance your hair ???? ;-)


Laura B said...

It was wonderful getting to meet you and watch you create your beautiful art! I posted a picture of us on my blog here...

Thanks for being so nice!:)

Unknown said...

LOVE YOUR WORK ! It is refreshing to find an artist with their own perspective and definitive style. Your videos are both informative - packed with info (thank you for sharing - soooo many people don't tell you how they achieved the finished product) AND entertaining - your personality shines through ! Your directions are easy to follow ! Keep them coming!! Sincerely, Kim Sikorski

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