Sunday, September 1, 2013

Much needed Oxygen...

I have just spent 2 days in Philadelphia on a mixture of business and pleasure. Bit of a whirlwind trip by anyones standards ( long way to travel for 2 days lol) but needs must.

I arrived Friday evening and got the business part over and done with and then promptly slept for 12 hours...!

I was staying in  a hotel adjacent to the second largest Mall in America...Yayyyy!

I had left all my debit/credit cards at home...Booooo!

So what to do with limited finances.??

I am a Rouge member of Sephora, my most ever ever ever favouritist beauty store, and luckily they had a large store in the Mall. Being a Rouge member entitles you to Makeovers wherever and whenever you want, so that was the plan.

Heres my before, fresh faced from 12 hours much needed sleep.

First step after cleansing, a foaming face mask. Good job I am used to looking ridiculous isn't it?

 Moisturised and creamed to the hilt, work started on my eyes. Subtle hues to lift and open up.

Pin up eyeliner is always a winner

Primed, base coat, powdered and blushed. Now for the eyebrows...Hmmm think I will go for the natural look there.!!

The final look...what do you reckon.?

And heres the gorgeous Ashley who spent a good hour and a half with me.

Proof I only spent money in two stores and everything was for me lol.

Another early night and a lazy morning and it was time to head back to the airport again for the trip home. I feel as though I have had my batteries recharged somewhat. Hopefully jet lag will skip straight past me and I will arrive home raring to teach on Tues.

Enjoy xx


Anonymous said...

Rockin' it like a goddess, Ms Dyan!! Glad you took some time out for a pampering session.

Anonymous said...

you look marvelous, woman! i love that green dress.

Janie Husband said...

hubba the polka dot dress....

Payne Holler Cards said...

Glad you had time for just you!

Kay Wallace said...

You look fit and ready to take on the JOURNAL (S)QUAD (Kay, Ali, Suzan and Nancy) in Topsfield on October 22. We all met for the first time at one of Wendy's classes and just hit it off, so we are now ready for Dyan! Bring it!

Sharon Y said...

You look fab! What a wonderful way to re-charge. Sephora rocks!

Yvonne Garner said...

Darn! Not that far from Phillie! We could have had tea! Hope you come this way again! Safe journey!

Donna B. said...

You look awesome!! I love Sephora and Spanx - you're my kind of shopper!

Laura said...

Always a delight...before and after in person and in art!
Laura....hope jet lag forgot you too!

Debbie said...

Wow Dy, That looks amazing being pampered like that, you deserve it.
That green dotty dress is so nice and look how thin and glamorous you look in it. Beautiful.

Kaz said...

You look gorgeous!! Dress suits you so much xx

Unknown said...

Oh you look amazing!! I am having major hair-envy now I must admit. I want red hair!!!!

Carol McCready said...

Love that green dress.

Quote of the Century

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