Friday, August 2, 2013

Create and Connect recap

Monday the day of teaching retailers.

This warranted a new outfit from Betty Page.

The master himself Tim Holtz led the morning class

And then it was my turn to teach

 Oops some one got the times mixed up and missed the whole thing, lol.

Then it was back to the booth and finishing samples.

A visit from Suze.

Fabulous display on the sissix booth

 where the lovely Debi was demoing

Hello to Donna

The lovely Elena from Charity Wings

Fab displays on the Idea-ology booth





 Elena and Finnibar


These two gorgeous lovelies. Alberto and Davide

All too soon its over and time to pack up

Go on then just a quickie

Looks like it was a good one

 Enjoy xx


Miranda said...

lots of fun photographs, looks like you had a fabulous time
love the new dress, it's gorgeous

Sue said...

Looks like a lot of work AND a lot of fun!

Helen said...

Looks fabulous!

inge said...

Hello Dyan,

seems you had a lovely time at CHA !
Luckily for us Europeans there is youtube to catch up on the hottest news.

So, I loved seeing you demoing the new "inkpad". Hope i get my hands on it somewhere here ..; or otherwise it means ordering in the US like so many things !

You look great as a British Queen in her sleigh in the US ! They should have more like you..; then we should at least have a lot of laughs :)

I spotted your tattoo !! Saw it is a face, but can you tell a bit more about it ? Read somewhere you got it for your birthday, so congratulations !

I think we are about the same age... and I gave myself a tattoo on my 45 th past year. I wanted tattoos my whole life but as a teacher there was always the hesitation, should I do it or not..

Things happened in my life and I think I'm old enough to decide for myself that I could have one !
If you are interested, you can read the story here :

You are someone I admire for your humor and creativity and "no nonsense" ( but that's British I guess...LOL) and it's so nice to see you have art on your body like I do :)

I do admit I'm considering a second tattoo ..; a sleeve on my right arm... I just have to let the designs I want in it simmer a bit more in my head so it comes together in a "collage" I like...

Yay, for color and joy and ART !

greetings from Belgium

Jody said...

Great Photos, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

wow what a fab round of photos ! I love the one of you in the sleigh.

texasbarb said...

Loved seeing your pictures! spy my friends Jim and Cesar,too. Thanks for posting. Wish I could have been there!!

Carol McCready said...

Great photos. Love your new dress!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

LOL!!!! Love your CHA recap! It was so awesome to see you again! Your class was amazing and I love my little book! I even saw the back of me in one of the! You are a fabulous and talented designer! Love your goods!

Martha Richardson said...

I so missed not being able to go and give you a hug. Family wedding which was lovely but missed the excitement that surrounds CHA!

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