Thursday, August 29, 2013

UK Ranger event

 Here we are in the UK for our Ranger education event

The first day was retailer education. W had 60 excited retailers chaming at the bit.

here's a quick trip backstage, as they say.!

Although the day is full of hard work we always make time to have some fun.

And what a perfect way to end the evening ...

 Enjoy xx


Jenny Marples said...

Superb workshop!!!! Loved every minute of it. PRETTY PLEASE can we have more in the UK?!!! Hugs, Jenny x

Kaz said...

Big was faberoonie!!! Mwah xxx

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

It was the BEST day! good to see you xxx

Francesca said...

I wasn't at the retailers event, but was lucky to be at the one the next day, which was fabulous. great to meet you in the flesh as one would say. Francesca xxx

Annette said...

Hi it was great to meet you on the Thursday along with Tim and Mario. It was an amazing day which I will remember forever. Love your work its just like you so colourful.Sandra xx

BJ said...

Great to meet you at the TH workshop last Thursday an added bonus if you ask me. I have just bought your small journal and now have a photo with you to put in it too, lucky me. I'll be looking out for a workshop run by you next, where is it best to look? Here on your blog perchance? Thanks for being the cherry on the top of a fantastic day. BJ

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