Monday, July 18, 2011

While Dyan is away!!!!!

Can't get to a workshop at Art from the Heart? Well now you can do an Art from the Heart Workshop in the comfort of your own home. We have one of our most popular workshops in kit form - The Graphic 45 Curtain Call Starbook. It's a large one that measures 6x6"!
All materials are included in the kit and you will be emailed a PDF with detailed instructions and step by step photos. All you will need is a glue stick and a paper trimmer!
Check out the class - HERE

Happy Crafting

Art from the Heart


Anonymous said...

dyan, i just got an email from apparently "you" asking for help while in madrid etc. i supposed it's a fake and someone criminal got hold of your mail accout. a friend from norway had a similar email problem a few months back. she had to change mail accounts. if hope it's a fake and you're not in real trouble. if you need real help, holler

Dylan said...

Hi Belinda,

Our emailed was hacked this week, but everything is back to normal (hopefully). Thanks for the offer of help, but it was a fake email.



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