Wednesday, July 13, 2011

peeks and a new journal for the plane...

So here is the promised picture of said glossy locks, quite cool colour considering it was the first time he had ever coloured someone elses hair.!!! It's got a really glossy bluey tinge to it as  well and feels in remarkable condition...

I am asked time and time again how I have managed to grow it so long so fast. For those who don't know, a year ago it was practically a crew cut.! The answer is do nothing, yup absolutely nothing. I had no haircuts, no trims, no cheeky little bits lopped off here and there ( apart from Jay chopping at my fringe with a pair of Tim's scissors, lmao). It took a lot of perseverance and I nearly gave in loads of times, but armed with my vast array of scarves and headbands I soldiered on. It's actually a lot longer than it looks in this picture. I am going for my first proper fringe trim tomorrow, it needs a lot of thinning to stop it looking permanently surprised, so will probably take 30 mins just for that.!! I have promised I will go in for a proper trim when I get back though, lol.

I'm really glad I persevered now as a crew cut wouldn't really have gone with my penchant for the 50's look, no matter how hard I tried.!!

Loving this black gingham wiggle still my beating heart...

And I am all over this lot like a rash...

 I've just bought a few ( well tons actually, but don't tell Our Ben.!) of vintage 50's dress patterns, and a ton of fabric, so when I get home the trusty machine will be whirring into action and sprinkling it's magic yet again.
If you don't have a sewing machine, you don't know what you are missing. Just get yourself a basic one that goes backwards forwards and zig zag. That's all you need. Remember I made a living out of sewing and owned big industrial machines and overlockers so trust me. The one I use ( and all my students in my workshops, was from Lidl of all places and was £60. Believe me I wouldn't have looked twice at it before and its been fabulous. If you can drive you can use a sewing machine, the harder you press the faster you go, hee hee.
Start off with something simple, a little drawstring bag for your journal, shorten one of your dresses and use whats left to make a headband. Before you know it you'll be altering items left right and frikkin centre like me..
If you do have a go, send me a before and after photo for the blog. I always frikkin forget to take the before photos until its too late and then no one believes I've done anything to  it , lol.

Right ...on with the previews.

Tim's is going straight in my bag if I can manage to wrestle it out of his grubby little mitts...see it HERE

And Wendy's are HERE  I hope the big girls pants isn't a reference to my ever expanding arse.!!!!

And onto mine.

My last set of border stamps outsells everything at least 3 to just seem to love it. So due to popular demand and a lot of threats !!! you know who you are.!!! Here is...

DS015  Further Round the Edge

All my faves, I love to incorporate in my journals

More leaves...this  time large and small merged together.  Gently waved borders, with room for much more doodling. Checkerboard edges , dots and blocks and spotty stripy squiggles. I can see you all running now. You are gonna love it just as much I can tell !!!

And I hinted yesterday, yes, you've got it ...more quotes

DS016 The right Words

 Here's some samples for you

I spent five hours last night writing up instructions, altering photos and generally being really efficient for a kit I have been designing, only to find this afternoon that somehow...I had lost the frikkin thing...

A few mild expletives and the throwing of a dummy followed and then I did it all again. After 3 days solid now of sitting at this laptop for 12 hours a day, I had finally had enough.... No matter that I have tons of work to do, tons of samples to produce, tons of magazine articles to get in before deadlines, tons of this that and the frikkin other.... I said B""ll**ks to it all..

I is a making me a journal for the plane...

So here it is in all it's glory ready for my frantic doodlings, my inane ramblings and whatever else I see fit to throw in there, hee hee. It is based on one of my very popular technique book workshops, and I have lavished it with love and 7gypsies luggage tags. It looks extremely bare to me in it's raw state with no doodling etc....but I am sure that will not be for long...woop de frikkin woop... See what you think..

OK I am to my bed, night night peeps

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Ding dong!, looking fabulous! Mwah xx

Drooling over the new releases and those dresses.........gorgeous!, looks like you been so busy that journal is so cool x

Big hugs

Cath Wilson said...

Excellent stuff - love the hair and love the journal but I adore those stamps!! I'm supposed to be being good.... have a great time at CHA! Long time since I was there and I half envy you. Hope it goes well. Cath x

fatmonica said...

Love that journal-it looks great already!I have a sewing machine I haven't used for about 20yr-you may just have inspired me to get it out!

ellen vargo designs said...

It's official... I WANT IT ALL! Love the stamps, love the new 'do (hair 'do that is), and that journal is just amazing... sounds like you needed a creative break from all the "work".... glad you took it! See you soon! Ellen xx

Sid said...

Brilliant stamps and great pics of the journal !!

Laura said...

boarders borders borders squeal !!!! she shouts jumping up and down hehehehehe cant wait to have a play with those babies. Have fun at CHA darling your journal looks gorgeous cant wait to see it all filled it and looking stunning xxxx

Debbie Dolphin said...

Fabby journal and I so want your wording stamps xxx A must have xxx


Debbie xx

Juliwan said...

more amazing stamps and looking very foxy :o)

Mo said...

I really love the quotes on this stamp set.I'm going to be sending one to the director of the eating disorder clinic where my daughter was treated. She has everyone journaling - on second thought I'll send the border one too. They're awesome. Have been showing my soon-to-be daughter-in-law (wonder if there's a law against that many hyphens) your blog and she loves your dresses. She will be doing 1940's hair and makeup. Cool journal. Hope you have a ball at CHA!

Joy said...

Thanks for a wonderful post! You look fab, dresses are gorgeous, you don't have a fat arse - that honour goes to me! Love love love your journal and your stamps. Enjoy CHA. I know you'll have a ball.
Off to the loo before I read the post below. xx

Sandra Hall said...

You look beautiful daaahling! And if you get that turqouisy dress (the one on the right) you'll look even more beautiful!
Have fun journaling on the plane in that bonzer little book :D x

StampDancer said...

I am so in awe of your artwork and stamp sets! Wow! Will you ever put your workshops on DVD? I fear I'll never make it across the "pond" to attend one of your workshops. :(
Deb M

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