Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quintessential Quotes

More reveals and you will wet yourself with excitement when you see Tim's new storage...woop de frikkin woop...

Find it HERE

and find Wendy's HERE

And so on with my next reveals.

 I am well, well known for my use of quotes in everything I do, and have had many, many requests to make them into stamps..And here is the first set.

DS013 Quintessential quotes

The quotes stamp out as one and then you can cut around the borders if you want to separate them like I do.

DS014 Birds on a wire

You can never have too many birds on a journal page, large, small, standing, pecking, flying, perching on the edge of a building and on top of heads. And always wearing the ubiquitous silly hat.

Everything is in full swing for America and mad panic is setting in, lol. Making sure everything I need will be in the right place at the right time is a major feat lol. It's not a problem getting things over to the states, with full luggage allowance.!!  It' getting it around the states on internal flights that's th e problem... Think UPS will be called upon to ship it around.!!!

Another of Ranger's new releases that I will be getting my grubby little mitts on are the 12 new colours of Perfect Pearl Mists....Although sceptical about these at first , I quickly came to love them and am almost giddy with giddiness, that they will be waiting there for me.. You can see all the colours HERE


In between all this I was informed that it would probably be better all round if I did something with the ever increasing grey hairs, so I was pinned down to a chair and set upon. Now you have to remember that the last time I had this done I was covered to my shoulders with black dye and looked like I'd just come up from the coal face.!! half a bottle of nail varnish remover and incredible peeling skin later it's no wonder I was a little apprehensive..!!!

I am sooooo classy that I even had a Morrison's carrier bag wrapped around while it took. So did it work..?

Yes I am now the owner of luxuriously glossy locks, which of course makes me look 10 yrs younger..As if...

Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Oh wow, I am loving all your new stamps. The birds are totally fabulous. How long till the rest of us can get our mitts on them? See you soon. mwah! x

Alison Horne said...

Ooh Timmys box! pass the Tena Ladies.

Alison Horne said...

P.S. I find dark brown eye shadow is great on the grey roots when feeling too slutty to dye them.

Kirsten Alicia said...

I am loving all your new releases, but these quotes & the birds are now at the very top of my want list - they're terrific.
BTW, back in the day when I used to dye my hair, I always kept a bottle of surgical spirit handy - much gentler on the skin than nail polish remover.

Kaz said...

Ooooo more goodies!! Love the quotes spech the wings one, the birds Oh and the ranger stuff too!! My hubster is hiding my credit card as we spk!May I say the Mozza bag looks rather fetching, lol the things we do, I waxed off my moustache earlier then went to parents evening with a bright red top lip!! Not a good look ha! Bet the hair looks lush....photo please xx
big snogs


Sid said...

Great quotes !!

Angela Weimer said...

Love, love, love the new stamps. Cant wait to get some. Hope the hair works out. Thanks for sharing. Angela

Steven said...

love the quotes, we need more of these northern soul sentiments darlin...hope to get to visit this year! temptress!!

ellen vargo designs said...

Oh my... I sense trouble... I fear I will need to have them ALL! The quotes are amazing - been secretly hoping for *words* from you - and the birds.. FAB! Can't wait to play with them... in just 10 short days! OMG! See you soon!

Ellen xx

Mo said...

Absolutely nuts about the quotes stamp set! I sure hope your stamps will be sold online in the States again. I have your 1st 8 sets and love them. Chuckling about the hair... my daughter is in an advanced color program and I'm not sure my hair will survive. At least the red is pretty much gone now.

Alison Horne said...

Having been distracted momentarily by Tim's box, I have to say I need all of the stamps . WHEN?

maggie warke said...

Love the stamps, especially the birds! If you need a PA for cha choose me im good at organising! I never thought of using a morrisons bag! you have all the best ideas!!
err hope your hair turned out okay and morrisons logo didnt transfer!lol
x maggie

Steven said...

love the quotes, we need more of these northern soul sentiments darlin...hope to get to visit this year!

Sandra Hall said...

I have to say you DO look 10 years younger as I arrived to see you just after the deed had been done - minus the plastic bag of course :D
I absolutely cannot wait for your fantabulousamundo stamps to sail across that ocean. Or do they have wings (pun intended).
Have a wonderful time in the US Dyan...don't work too hard and if you do get to see my hubby while he's out there, give him a big kiss from me! :D x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the birds! Where can I get my hands on them? Your blog is filled with so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Audrey said...

Love all your new stamps!!

Joy said...

Very fetching indeed! Hee hee. Can't wait for Tim's boxes to arrive. Fab quotes, need those too. xx

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