Monday, July 11, 2011

sneak peeks..a bit later than planned, lol.

Well you could say better late than never..!!! The weekend caught up with me and suddenly its Monday.  So here we go...

For Tim's releases see HERE

For Wendy's see HERE and HERE

and here's mine...I've decided to preview 2 a day just to be on the safe side, lol.

DS011 Dependable Dotty

 Extra head and ooh ooh ooh yes skulls in 2 sizes.2 blocks of eyes, loving the dolls eyes, he he., extra hands and spotty stockings.

DS012 - Pondering Petunia

Extra head, and a fabby frogs head, big hands, eyes and patched jeans.

 More tomorrow...

Big big BIG news, the Distress stains we have all come to love are being released in all the remaining 24 colours...Oh yes...Mustard Seed, Barn Door and Rusty hinge...Be still my beating heart.

AND....!!!!! wait for it   an extra one....Picket Fence... woop de frikkn woop...

For more info pop over to Rangers blog HERE

The lovely Ali...aka pretty parcel wrapper extrordinaire, had to leave class early last Thurs, so missed the photo shoot. So here she is in all her glory, proudly displaying her canvas.

This is what I arrived home to on Friday night...Didn't realise just how dangerous it was scootering through my kitchen..!!!

Still it's better to be safe than sorry......

I in the meantime ventured out to Leeds on Friday night with some pals to a R n B, Latin, Boogaloo
night. One of the best nights I've had for ages. A small venue full of vibrancy, young and old soulies all dancing their little asses off.

Heres me rocking the 50's swing dress..

I have spent all day on the computer sending off equipment lists required for America. At CHA I will be spending 4 hours a day demoing my new stamps on Stampers Anonymous booth and 3 hrs a day earning my International Senior Educators keep on the Ranger Booth, so need an equipment cart on each. Normally the booths are really close together so I can just wheel them from one booth to another, but this time I think we must have a bit of a run between, lol. Well at least it will keep me fit.

I also have to get all the workshop kits and equipment sorted to be shipped to The Queens Ink. I am paranoid that I might have forgotten something and when you are thousands of miles away from home you can't just nip back for them, can you. ??

I am overwhelmed by how many people have signed up to take my workshops over there, 2 are on the verge of being a sell out and the others following fast. I am sooooo looking forward to it, just worried people won't understand a frikkin word I say..!!! Can't wait to meet the Queen, and I have been promised THE best crab cakes ever..  Maryland crab is a world famous delicacy, do you think I need to take my ketchup..?? Only joking. ..

Right I am going home to pack a bag for the next few days. The Great Yorkshire Show starts tomorrow, and our town is gridlocked for the next 3 days. The only time you can move around is a couple of hours late at night. So it's just easier to be prepared and stay up here. Please note, although I am here , the shop and studio wll NOT be open until Friday, apart from kids evening classes, and my regular Tuesday night class. I will be head down and sample making, and the staff wll all be working from home, so the only option is online...

ok peeps enjoy xx


ellen vargo designs said...

Peeks are gorgeous! Love them all so far! Fear not... you will NOT need ketchup... promise!

Mo said...

Oh, TOO cool! Don't what I'm more excited about: the body parts or the skeletons. The frog's head - makes me happy. My order list is rapidly growing between the three of you. Glad to see you having a great time dancing - looked like a lot of fun. And I'm impressed with how wonderfully tidy your kitchen was that you could just snap those cute pics.

Anne Marie said...

I am so excited to be taking all your classes at The Queens Ink. Please say you will have your new stamps for us to purchase. I am a HUGE fan of your work and can not wait to meet you.
Anne Marie :)

Kaz said...

Hi Dyan

wow super busy!! Love those skulls!!Hope you are getting sorted, dont worry if you forget anything.......Ill pop it over!lol x

Love your photo too, u look gorgeous hun and full of fun

big hugs xx


Angela Weimer said...

Great previews Dyan. looks like you got alot of work ahead and a busy time too. Had a wonderful time in class Sat. Have a great week. Angela

Joanne said...

I adore the samples you have just made and showed us. Your quirky stile is right up my street and I hope to follow some of the CHA happenings. Enjoy.
Hugs Joanne xx

Artyjen said...

Oooh! The skulls do it for me ;) LOL. So dependable dotty is on my list for sure :)
xoxo Sioux

Sid said...

Fab stuff !!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott