Friday, July 15, 2011

Last day......

Last day of the reveals, before we all set off on our journeys from different parts of the globe. I, as you have come to expect, am totally up to date and ready. Samples done, bags packed, everything ship shape and in perfect order....!!!!!!!

WTF.????? Sorry dreaming again.!!!!!

Still in full blue arsed fly mode..!!!!!!!!!!!


Tim's are HERE

Wendy's are HERE

And mine are Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.........................

DS019 Say what you mean.

Yet another set of quote stamps, but this time with a difference.  Oh yes, you asked for them and you've got them. My weird, tell it like is, pearls of wisdom.

Classics include....

"If at first you don't succeed...give up !! "

"Never be too proud to serve frozen peas"

And the much requested...

"I don't like you, you're very ugly and have no manners at all.!"

Then a big fave of mine, my background set...

DS020 Basic Backgrounds

So that's t all 12 of my stamp releases, unfortunately I have left all the samples of the last 2 sets at work so no piccies, big oops and all that. I'll try remember to put some on tomorrow.

Had a fabby workshop today, another of the extremely popular BIG canvas painting class.  As before the students were absolutely brilliant and produced stunning results.

Sexy Susie was fed up of waiting for me to come up with the promised goods for her dining room, so had to do it herself, and a mighty fine job she made.

Anne-Marie, showing how far she has come from having to have everything in a straight line, lol

Steph with an unusual but really effective colour scheme.

Julie's canvas, very serene and calming...just like her....Not !!!! lol

Jen started off wanting hot reds, but made a fabby choice of blues and browns.

The texture on Jackies really, really jumps out at you. Stunning.!!

Really vibrant colour scheme from Anna, again super 3d quality...

Chris stunned herself with the brilliant finish of her canvas.

And Ali, back for her 2nd canvas in 2 weeks...Not sure which of hers I prefer..!!

And here's mine...Yes I did another, you can't teach with out demoing, lmao... Anyway Our Ben has nicked the first one so that only leaves me with two..!!

Well done ladies I salute you. There will be another canvas class in the Winter brochure for those of you who are green with envy and kicking yourself for not booking..

Whilst many of you are enjoying the hot weather, I am fearful that Our Ben is suffering from a massive attack of sunstroke...

Why.?? you may ask..

Well he's only frikkin gone and reduced loads of the Wendy Vecchi and Tim Holtz stamps. !! Now I know we have to make way for all the new but you should see how much he's knocked them down to. If I were you I would get them in your baskets pronto, before his hallucinations stop and he returns to normal.!!! Find them HERE and HERE.

OK bath and a cheeky glass of Vimto awaits...

Enjoy xx


Juliwan said...

Thank you for a wonderful day. Can't recommend this class highly enough.
Have a wonderful time at CHA and cant wait for the new stamps - awesome

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wow, stunning canvases!! Well done to all.

Mo said...

Awesome- more quotes! Love them. The backgrounds are cool too. Amazing paintings coming from your workshops. I bet the ladies leave with a ton of confidence. Now go give them hellat CHA.

Laura said...

loving all the new stamps darling, need these ones too !!!!!! have fun at CHA hun wish i was going too xxxx

Sandra Hall said...

I wish I could have stayed and made another canvas :D They all look fabulous.
Have a safe trip Dy, I'm sure you will reign supreme my crazy friend - your art is legend :D
Watch out for my hubby - he intends to track you down! x x x

JJ Sobey said...

OK Chica - I NEVER buy quote stamps. But THESE? I need them all. They had me giggling at my computer screen, and I think I really would use them!

Craphty said...

Fab day yesterdayfamily think the canvas is great. Have a safe trip. x C

SueC said...

Enjoy Chicago - make time to get out and see all those "bigger than anywhere else in the world" sights.
All the canvases are lovely - what a great idea.
hugs Sue x
BTW do they still make Vimto?? suppose they must - haven't had any for years and years and years!!!

Geri said...

So happy to have you join artsee bloggers. I just love your new stamp releases....hard to pick a favorite but the one that really touched my heart was "after my house burned down, I saw the moon more clearly"....beautiful!

mahlin said...

wow.. wow wow wow.. just stumbled in here.. don´t even remember how.. and.. woooa.. I never wanna leave.. You are so inspiring! I´ll be stalking this blog for sure!

Misty Olsen said...

Hi Dyan,

I wanted to thank you for making to the CHA this week.... I really enjoyed your work...and thank you so much for your words of advise :o)
I hope you have a safe trip back.

Thanks so much!!!


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