Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fighting fit...or fit to drop..??

Time is now ticking on extremely fast and I am in the middle of extreme blue arsed fly mode....normal behaviour for me then !!! But, and it is a large BUT...I am also trying to keep myself fit and healthy throughout. I am only too aware that the last time I flew back from Chicago I was very nearly at death's door and I have no wish to repeat any of that in a hurry. So I am trying to eat regularly and with wholesome foods.

Breakfast was porridge.
Lunch was a selection of M & S's finest whole and super foods.

And tonight we had Roast beef, Rosemary roast potato's, green veg, Yorkshire puds and gravy....Topped off with berry and cherry jelly terrine .. Polishes halo and grins manically. Tomorrow it will be back to bagels, Wispas and malted milk biccies. tee hee

OK onto today's reveals.

Tim's are HERE

Wendy's are HERE

and Claudines are HERE

And mine are heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere....

The first is DS017 Bags of Bunting

And as the name suggests you can never have too much bunting....

single flags in every design, some on book page and a baby string for your tags. Also some number stamps , great for backgrounds

And DS018  Write between the lines

This is a much awaited release for many. It is all the inners I use to write my journaling in all available for you to quickly stamp. Wavy lines, arched lines, chequered lines and just plain old scruffy lines. It will save oodles of time, that you can then spend on your journaling. Also 3 sizes of tags that can be used separately or layered up and a journaling circle just crying out to be doodled around.

Here you can see I have made the body from the number stamps, bunting and numbers for the hat, and scruffy lines for the journaling.

Bunting in the background, bunting and number hat and stamped borders

Here you can see I have stamped the tags, masked them and added the leaves over the top.

Very similar, just finished off...Love this effect. you can journal yourself or, as in this case, add one of my stamped quotes.

The journaling is written between the wavy line stamp.

That's all the samples today, I am in the middle of a massive cutting out session ready for the my glue stick packed and my audio books transferred to my woe betide the chatty person who has the misfortune to sit by me, cos I will not be way Jose....

Enjoy xx


Bernice Hopper said...

More! I just have to have the wavy lines stamp. When will they be available in AFTH?

ellen vargo designs said...

As if it wasn't official already... it's even more official now... I need them ALL... so many possibilities running through my head already! 8 days to go... hee!

Kirsten Alicia said...

I love ALL of your new releases & the samples are gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful time in the US. PS You look fabulous!!

Cathy L. said...

Wished the public could visit CHA, would love to see all designers in person. Thanks for sharing. Cathy

Cathy L. said...

Love the previews, wish all could attend CHA to see the designers. Thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

Ah hun I'm glad to see you are keeping yourself healthy and fit in the run up to your epic trip! Loving all the new releases they look awesome! Loving all the planning for your plane journey too! Hope all is well in the land of AFTH - hugs

Joy said...

You are going to be sooo fit!! Go knock 'em dead! Ditto first comment..... WHEN?? Want them all. xx

lisa_crofts said...

love that wavy line. the journalling stamps look awesome.

Kaz said...

Have a great time Dyan!! Soo exciting! keep us posted on all the news from CHA,
huge hugs

P.s are you doing the Harrogate show in sept?? We are coming up to it on the Sunday so really hope to see you :O)x

Laura said...

LOVE the new stamps, definately going to get some of these new gorgeous babies for the shop and you know ill have to keep some for samples, of course hahahahah

Amy Shaw said...

LOVE the bunting!! NEED them!!! Xxx

Marit said...

Sometimes I read one line and that throws me back in time... this time it was in your post. 'Breakfast was porridge' threw me right back to India, where I backpacked for 6 weeks (in 1987) Oh my, I'd love to eat porridge again someday!

Your artwork is gorgeous as always!

Lynda Howells said...

your blog just gets better and better. great new stuffxx lynda

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