Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 2 sneaks, todays canvas class and Vinatge goodies...

Soooooooo...more sneak peeks...

See Tim's HERE

and Wendy's HERE

And here is my 2nd stamp release..DS010 Travelling Travis.

I just love the androgynous look of the face, could be male or female, whichever you prefer. The body of suitcases, just an added quirk. Again two extra heads, eyes, hands and a cracking pair of legs.

Some samples, both using the Distress Stains.

Today was the large abstract canvas painting workshop, and I was a little apprehensive to say the least.!!! Mainly wondering how I could convince the students they were capable of producing fantastic results.

Well all went to plan...see for yourself.

The results were fabulous. Liz had to leave a little early, so will finish the decoration and quote at home.

Here's Jill's

The lovely Jill was on the portrait painting class earlier in the year, and her daughters have been watching her recreate them at home. Here's what Ella ( I think she's 7yrs, sorry if I got it wrong.!!!) has drawn all by herself. Cool aren't they.??

Mel's canvas

Pandora hiding behind hers.!!

Clare's canvas

Sandra's canvas for her hubby Andrew's study.

Bezzy Su taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.!!

Emma's canvas

Bezzie Su's canvas

And mine, unfinished of course, too busy sorting everyone else out.

Big, big admiration to all the ladies for their determined efforts and their fantastic results. Ladies I salute you...

If seeing their results has inspired you to make one of your own, I have slotted an extra class in on Friday 15th July. I think there are two spaces left. Go HERE to book a space.

I was showered with gifts today, and twice became all overwhelmed resulting in tears. One was when the lovely Liz brought me this fantastic picnic hamper.

How frikkin cool is this..??  It has bone china cups , saucers and plates, all securely strapped in.

Look at the dinky salt pot, there is a matching pepper, and tea and sugar.

Two matching Thermos flasks, and sandwich containers complete the set. All I need now is a vintage plaid blanket and me and Mr Babe of Deliciousness are all set to go...Tea anyone..??

She also brought me this fabulous packaging container for Swiss Roll mix.

which Our Ben swiftly whipped off me for display in the shop.

Oh almost forgot , there was also a vintage hamper..Maybe I will store the champagne and plaid blanket in it, lmao.

The other occasion was when the gorgeous Sandy Poppins swung a surprise on me.

You all know my fascination with icons, especially vintage statues of Our Lady.

Well here's a beauty that she brought for me.

How frikkin gorgeous. Just like the one on the side board at my grandma's house. Faded, chipped, well loved, well prayed and agonised over. She will take pride of place amongst my collection.

Thought she deserved a Hipstamatic view..

Lucky lucky girl am I ..??

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Oh dyan oh my goodness .......I don't know where to start, first the sneaky peeks, then that yummy art work (....reaching for a paper bag as may pass out with excitement) then picnic basket!! Its a dream!! Wow what a gorgeous pressie, I got picnic hamper a good way lol!
Big snogs


borgqueen said...

Loved, loved, loved today's class - if you can go on the 15th July grab the opportunity - I would do it again and again and again if I could ;o)
Thank you x

Ooooh and the stamps look fab - I love with width of Curious Corrin's beeeehind ;o)

Dina said...

Oh fun, wish I were there! Love your CHA peeks, too! Fab-o.

Dina said...

Oh fun, wish I were there! Love your CHA-peeks, too. Fab-o!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Fabulous day, so happy with my canvass!

Sandra Hall said...

How lucky are you? Its how lucky are we to have such a fantastical art teacher - one who takes our fears and places them firmly outside the classroom door allowing our creative side to blossom. You're a star Dy, I loved making that canvas today, even though it was BIG and scary :D

Mo said...

Dyan - Loving the new stamps, especially the extra,cool eyes and heads. I also collect Madonnas and I'm green with envy. Enjoy. Can't wait to see the next 10 plates. Way to go. Marjan

a.e.moorhouse said...

Wish I could have been with you all at the Canvas Class, fantasic work, and you will all have had such a good time

a.e.moorhouse said...

I wish I could have been with you on the canvas class, you all did some fantasic works and I know you will all have had such a great time.

Unknown said...

Those canvasses look great I really love the middle band and all the colour just yum!

Oh congrats on the new stamps!

Love Dawn xx

Handmade by Elaine said...

Hi Dyan, the canvasses looked fab... I had to cancel the other day as I'm not very well at the mo but it looks like i missed a great time :( loving the new stamps think i will ave too ave another shop lol
see you soon (in August hopefully!)
Take care

salamanda said...

Think I need Travis now and love the big canvases.

Anne Essex said...

You temptress :-)
This is my fav set so far and I am impatiently waiting to see the rest. Hope you have an amazing time at CHA.
Cyber hugs Anne x

Aideen said...

Hey, first of all these are fab :)

Second, I was wondering about the paper mâché suitcases in your shop? I emailed about them before but never heard anything.... :(

If someone could e mail me about them I would be super happy-I REALLY want one!!


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