Friday, June 25, 2010

Roll up, roll up, read all about it...!!!

Oooooooh heres news of the fifth member of the Altered Originals Design Team..

You ready....????

Stand by your beds....!!!

Here she is...

Yes its the delectable Kirsty Wiseman  We havent had time to make her own button yet, so she is probably sulking as we speak and hunting out Jaffa cakes to taunt me with, lol....

If you haven't already seen it pop over to Kates blog where she has a stunning collage page, made with the inks and the downloads.

And heres some fabby cards from Bezzie Su.

Nice to see they are starting to earn their keep, lmao.

Well it seems you have all fallen in love with my new spray inks as they haven,t just flown out the door, they have literally stampeded..!!! We have sold nearly 400 bottles in just under 4 days..!!!!!, and still the orders are flooding in. We will have restocks hopefully by the middle of next week, for those of you who are waiting patiently...

The backgrounds class yesterday was brill, we had a fabby time, but they swarmed over the shop like a plague of locusts, clearing us out of tons of products..!!!! I think its ace that they were sooooooo inspired. As you all know I am a real tecnique girl and just love my backgrounds, and inky , messy, painty pratting around. And what better than to have 12 other ladies all leaving the workshop[ feeling the same way. ??

Mind you we must have looked rather strange when we frequented the new eaterie after..!! We all had ink, paint and dye from our fingertips tips to our elbows....Ok, I confess, that was just me, but the rest were nearly as bad,

I have two extra workshop dates that I need you to put in your diaries.

The first is the July Art Journaling for regulars...I have managed to squeeze it in on Sunday the 11th July. 10 - 3. Ring Our Ben and let him know, because if you are all away that day I will sneaking a weekend away with The Babe, lol.

The second date is a play day.  It is next Wednesday 30th June.  10 - 3pm  and it is £20.00.
The idea being that you come along, use all my stuff and play all day.  There is no tuition, as such ,on this day, it isn't a substitute for a class. It is chance to spend the whole day pratting around, sorry, working very hard....lmao. I will be providing cake and snacky bits, and pratting around alongside you. Mind you, don't tell Our Ben, if he asks I am providing you with my expert guidance...!!!

The Resident bit of Glamour is here at the moment...we are getting the studio ready for the character painting weekend. She is decanting all the choccies into their respective vessels, whilst hoovering one handed, removing her nail varnish and dancing to the Freemasons...!! I meanwhile am sat here quietly blogging and letting her get on with it.  Mind you I was here at 7.30 this morn and won't be leaving till at least 10.30 tonight.  Such dedication eh..???

But to brighten my weekend, The Babe will be home tomorrow.. Woop de woop...good times..lmao

Enjoy xx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

I wont shut up about this now - those inks are the mutts nuts.
Im thing spray tan in hot pink, customising satin shoes, spraying the dog, colouring hubbies food..... mwahahahhahahaha
Thanks Dyan, you know this is like, the best news, EVER for me.

olive said...

well thats great news... perhaps bezzie Sue can get her patients to assist in the creative process! thrilled for you. Watch out Ranger Industries..... loving the pages as always. Ciao

Sandra Hall said...

Well Bezzie Sue, if you're reading this (your surrogate blog!) I love your cards - never even thought about making cards with the inks! duh!
Just been to Kate's blog and seen her sample - I'm gonna be roaming all over to check out what everyone's created with your babies Dy - hurry up Kirsty and lets see what you come up with!
x x

Caroline and Jayne said...

Congrats Kirsty xxx
Lovely cards too x

thekathrynwheel said...

Nice cards bezzie Su! About time she had a blog me thinks :-)
Great news about Kirsty, and she has given me a great idea - colouring hubby's food. Ha! Hadn't thought of that! Anyone for pink macaroni cheese? :-)))

Unknown said...

As always I love your blog Dyan, but can we have a play day on a weekend some time pleeeeaaassseee! When ever you can fit it in!

suzyq said...

Hi Dy,I think your new inks are fabulous and i love what your design team have done with them. Kate's atc is so lovely and bright, and don't you just love Su's card. I have never thought of using spray inks for cards.Doh! And oh i agree with Kate, that maybe it's time the Bessie Su Created her own blog. After all if I can Then anyone can :0)

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