Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life in a toilet bowl and the return of Dina....

Yes missing in action again. sorry about that, but you know, now I,ve discovered how to have a life I've been having one. I have had a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend with fun, laughter, good friends, good music, good times. 
Unfortunately I have spent the last 8 hrs looking at the inside of a toilet bowl. And, NO, its not what you think, lol..!!! I very rarely drink , as most of you know, and I haven't really eaten that much so it is really unexplainable. But i feel like s********************t.!!!! I staggered in to work this morning to ring everyone up to cancel todays class. I hope I caught everyone in time before they set out to me. I hate cancelling classes for whatever reasons, but to do so at such short notice was a nightmare. So sorry peeps, I will sort it all out with you.

Had agreat class on Saturday, decorating a printers tray. Heres pics of one of mine.

and heres a few pics from the weekend.

This is my dancing partner, Pete. He is Grommit to my Wallace, lol.

The lovely Fiona, who can still do the splits, when required..!! Oh yes really..!!

And this is John...watch this space...lmao....

Ok so heres what you,ve all been waiting for. The news of Dina Wakley's next workshops. Registration opens at 12 noon today. Here are all the details.

Fabby Dabby news, the fabulously talented Dina Wakley has agreed to make the long journey across the pond once again. The Art Journaling classes in her unique style were a sell out back in the Spring, with many students unable to grab a space. So this time we have 3 days of inky, painty, messy, grungy fun. Days 1 and 2 will follow the same pattern of the previous classes for those who missed out or just want to come and join the fun all over again. For thos who were lucky enough to make it last time , we have added an extra day (also suitable for those doing days 1 +2). All details can be found - HERE

Registration will open on Tuesday 1st June at 12pm (Lunch Time) - HERE

Please note it is first come first served, and the workshops sold out straight away, so you need to set your alarms and be quick off the mark..lol.

Prices are £65 per day or £180 for all 3.

All materials and equipment are included in the workshops ( see individual workshop details for any additional items you may need to bring ). tea/coffee/'snacks and lunch are also provided.

Dyan xx

Art from the Heart

Bookings will go live Tuesday 1st June at 12:00 pm at www.afth.co.uk and places will be on a strictly first come first serve policy. Only 2 bookings per credit/debit card. Unfortunatly gift vouchers can not be used on Dina's classes

Ok, off to pass out now..!!!

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Poor you!! I'm feeling like death warmed up today too...sore throat and the start of a beezer of a cold - you know when you just KNOW it's gonna be a bad one?!? Keep having to stop and sit down - maybe I should just stay sitting down...Hope you feel better soon Dy, being poorly sucks. xx

p.s Tray looks FAB all finished, love the colours.

p.p.s Did you know that Orla does bedding?!? Along with furniture and ceramics!! It's SO lurvely...

flutterbycrafter said...

Awe, sorry you're feeling so ill, it's rotten, hope you feel better soon, girl. Love the printers tray and I hear from a little bird that you had a fabby time at the Metrodome.

Muckypup said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Gutted, really wanted to do the Dina classes, thought I would treat myself to all three for mt birthday, but we'll be on holiday. Just not meant to be be...

Angela Weimer said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better soon. Saw the post about Dina and wish I could make it but we are back in the states that week. Hoping to stop by later in the week. Rest up and take care. Angela

Kaz said...

Hope you feel better soon. That printers tray is gorgeous xx

Sandra Hall said...

You didn't reveal much in those piccies Dy! And I won't tell a soul what you were doing under the table....

PS. Guess who has got herself a fabby (early!!) birthday prezzie aound the 6th 7th & 8th of August? Oh yeah!

Darcy Marshall said...

oh noes Dyan, sorry you have been feeling poopy, hope you are much better now.

fabby printers tray,I have 2 in a bag somewhere, to be done errrrm sometime lol

if you are still feeling ruff have a look at the freaky but cute dolls on my page, they will make you smile lol

Darcy Marshall said...

I knew you would like the legs, I thought of you as I did them lol

A Soldier Girl said...

I think I am going to have to make this 4hr drive not just to see Dina but to get my art journaling up to snuff ..

looking forward to it .. have to make sure the schedule is clear and hubs is not deployed ..

hugs and love
Sasha Holloway

Jude said...

Hey there! Just checking you haven't done an Alice and the rabbit hole and disappeared down the toilet?!? Hope you're all better and have had other distractions instead...?!? Any way, have some lovely Union Jack-ness on my blog and thought you'd like to have a looksie. Have a great weekend!! xx

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