Friday, June 11, 2010

Is this a record...??

You all know how much I think about the girlies in my workshops. What I love the most is that they aren,t made to come to art they CHOOSE to come, and they love to continue with their art at home. The lovely Katie has been doing a Suzi Blu online painting course, with fantastic results.

How fabulous do they look.?? They look so proffessional. Hard to believe that she,s so young.

Well done Katie...xx

I also want to thank the lovely Clare for sending me this image of a Victorian lady. Now thats what I call tattoos..!!!!  Maybe I should have that instead of the sleeve..??? Only joking Bezzie Su...!!!! lmao

Well thats it for tonight. Yup, you heard me correctly, thats it. !! Whats going on..??? Has the world ended...?? Has the sky fallen down..??

None of the above.... My babe has just rung me to tell me hes on the train on his way home. YAAAAAAYYY....He wasn't due till tomorrow, so I,m all giddy and need to run round like a blue arse fly, making myself gorgeous....Could be a long job, lol.... So, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta they say....

Enjoy xx


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

OMG Katie's paintings are absolutley wonderful,;-)
Have a great time tonight Dyan :-)
Anne xx

Jude said...

I am SO impressed with Katie!! Well done!! That certainly makes up for the shortest posting EVER!! ;0)

Hope you enjoyed your (bonus) evening. Nothing better than a last minute, panicked, must look fabulous, man's coming home unexpected-like, getting ready session to make you feel alive!! xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous paintings Katie! Check out my blog tomorrow Dy xx

Anonymous said...

The painting is awesome!!! Well done Katie, I'm impressed! Hope you have a lovely weekend with your babe Dyan!

Tracy said...

Happy Sunday Dyan,
i have passed a happy time here catching up with all you have been doing and drooling over all the piccies!
Way to go Katie wooohoooo fandabydozey!!!
Hope you had a fantastic time Dyan woohooo.

brigitte said...

what a talented young girl. i enjoy your posts whether long or short. TFS!

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