Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bit of this, lot of that and loads of the other....

First things first.....If you were a friend of mine on Facebook, then don't worry I haven't blocked or deleted you..!!!  I have taken myself off there for personal reasons, but would still love to keep in touch with you all. I do have another page under the Art from the Heart name, so if you click like we can continue to keep in touch.

You also need to pop over to the lovely Janet's blog. She has written a little something about me which has had me blubbing. Thanks darling. You can read it HERE.

Today,s class was a blast.. We were sewing, painting, inking, dripping, splodging, dabbing, spraying, spritzing, doodlin, stampimg, colouring, cutting,sticking and generally having a ball. So much so that I forgot to take many pictures, lol. So heres what I did manage.

I,m sat on my bed so I thought I would show you a few of my favourite things in the room that I have collected over the years. Although I do have a my faith I am not a religious fanatic. The reason I have so many religious icons is the plain and simple fact that I just love them.

Oops, not sure how that slipped in, lmao...

I just wanted to show you the cards that the lovely Dee made for a magazine, using my Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling range. Gorgeous aren't they..???

And I will leave you with some more pics of the love of my life...

Enjoy xx


Darcy Marshall said...

gorgeous candlesticks, love the colour. Sent you an email containing that thing you couldn't open the other night, did you get it ok?

flutterbycrafter said...

Had a fantastic day yesterday, loved every minute and can't wait for next week. Thanks. xx

Rhayne said...

Mmmm, Cadbury Caramel Nibbles... I so love those and can't get them here in the US. Family brought me some back in April and I finished the last of them off two weeks ago! Good thing I'm headed back to London in a week :o) I'll have to stock up again!

And who would have thought you could make a dragonfly out of hearts! Dee, I suppose :o) Fab cards... love the colors.

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