Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tomorrows screen workshop

Thought I would show you the screen workshop taking place tomorrow. This class sold out straight away at preview weekend. It is decorated using the Savannah papers from 7gypsies. These papers are their first double sided collection and are absolutely gorgeous. Their earthy tones seem to go with any subject matter.

I have decorated this screen with photos from Emmi's 21st birthday. I am still surprised that my baby has grown up into such a beautiful young woman . You turn around, you blink and there they are all grown up!! One of the seven wonders of the world??

I just lurve this photo of her.

Emmi hasn't seen it yet so cant wait to show her it tomorrow. Fingers crossed she loves it


Elaine said...

oh Dyan, it is absolutely beautiful....what a lovely keepsake for Emmi. I confess to having a tear or two whilst looking at the pictures and especially the comment you made about blinking and then they are all grown up! Thanks as always for giving the inspiration.....hope you do the class again .....SOON!!!!

Elaine x

Annette said...

Thanks for today - really enjoyed myself. Nearly finished - just a few bits and bobs to add - and the photos of course.

cla16e said...

That screen is lovely i'm not suprised it sold out straight away.
The photos are gooooooorgeous aswell.

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