Monday, January 12, 2009

Yup I am still here!!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger. I have been really struggling these past few days with illness. Not quite sure how I managed to teach the weekend really, but I did and it went really well. All I have done since it finished is sleep and catch up. Am finally feeling as though I am coming out the other end, at last!! I hate being ill and I am not very good at it lol.
Any way, Fabby Dabby weekend news. A good time was had by all. Because I was struggling to concentrate, we were a bit behind with the prep, you should have seen the state of the studio!! Here's a tidy bit lol. Never mind calm before the storm, this was the storm before the calm!!

Luckily me and Ems had got up early (6.45 am , I know perks of the job lol) to do all the food shopping before my brain packed up, and the cupboards and fridges were stocked up.

This weekend was a great mixture of both regulars and newcomers. We started Friday evening with inky backgrounds and pearly Atc,s. The pizzas went down a storm but it was when I served up the wine that I realised what was in store for me. They were all barmy before the wine so you can imagine what they were like after!!! lol. Well I wouldn't say barmy really, just determined to have a brilliant time!!

Classes started again at 9am Sat morn. I very nearly missed them myself, would you believe?? It was freezing , so I decided to set the engine running whilst defrosting the car. I had nearly finished when I heard an ominous "click" as the car locked itself. Yes locked all its doors with all my stuff inside. Including my car keys, work keys, mobile etc and the engine still merrily running away!! I ran inside to get Toms keys, but nothing would open it. Disaster . What are you supposed to do in that situation?? I rang the garage and they just laughed at me, cheers boys!! I couldn't ring the AA as all the stuff was in the car. Eventually after much running around and gnashing of teeth, Maisie (the most intelligent granddaughter in the world ) said Mama why don't you put the key in the door? OMG I never thought of that. I had been pressing all the buttons on the fob whilst forgetting that cars actually had keyholes. What a dork!! I can only blame it on being ill, cant I?
The day proved to be action packed, with well received workshops. We started with the always popular technique mirror, lots to learn with a stunning result. We then made a nostalgic Christmas pocketed album using the Bind it all machine. We topped off the day by decorating a Metal tin and filling it with Spritzed pearly tags eclectically decorated with 7gypsies embellishments and Paper Artsy minis. As usual the studio was ringing with the sound of laughter as all the students relaxed and gelled together. Most of them went out for something to eat on Sat night , I settled for quietly passing out in a corner!!
Sunday started off with much milder weather and a few bad heads, mentioning no names.!! We started with a gorgeous wooden trug, beautifully decorated with 7gypsies ephemera. Then onto an arty and brightly decorated waterfall book, filled with paint and paper effects, and finally to top it off a stunning 12 x 12 wooden jigsaw. All this was completed whilst filling our bellies with Pam's gorgeous snacks and meals. Big, big, THANKYOU to Elaine the Baker for all her home baking she so generously provided.
Heres some peeks of everyone ready to go home tired but happy. I look dreadful, which is a bit of a shame seeing as I am on all the photos!! Never mind.
Sarah and Vicky ( or giddy and giddier as they are now affectionately known).
Kiwi Chris and Gemma who flew in from Southport. At customs she was relieved of her bone folder and ATG gun!! Maybe they thought she was going to run riot in the airport and bind every one to death with double sided tape!!
My kitchen fairy Pam and her daughter Mandy
Yes , Rachel is taller than me Yayy!!
Regulars Lynn and Jackie
The lovely duo, Caroline and Elaine the Baker.
And here we have the three wise monkeys who kept every one entertained from morning till night!! Kay, Mandy and Mariola.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and put up with my failing brain! Ladies it was an honour and a privilege!!
Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow as I have loads to tell you, plus coming this week, a 7 day set of tutorials making cards and Atcs.

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Marie R said...

Oh I am soooo jealous, not of you being ill you understand but of all the fabby classes! Hope you are feeling better.

Yeah for Maisie the miniture, mechanical, genius!


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