Friday, January 2, 2009

Preview is upon us

So here we go with news of the preview weekend. Usually we have the preview in the studio and online at the same time, but we are struggling with it a little at the moment. Mum has been incredibly ill all over Christmas and new Year and has needed round the clock attention from everyone. She has finally been admitted onto the orthopaedic ward ( after being sent home twice without a bed ).
This has meant that even the best laid plans have gone astray. I have been trying to get as many of the workshops done as possible but there are a few that are unfinished and some not even started (oops) It also means that hardly any are photographed ready to go online. Ben and Emmi will be back on Monday and hopefully we will get them online midweek. As soon as they go on there will be a 10% booking day as is normal. But onliners don't panic , I hardly think that January is the month for instant sell outs. lol.
For those of you coming to the studio, you receive 10% discount for workshops booked and paid for. There is also 10 % discount on anything you spend in the shop. There is plenty in the new schedule to tempt you all from gorgeous mini books, stunning alcohol ink cards, and plenty of shimmer to a gorgeous framed layout , perfect for Mothers Day. We have the continuation of the Art Journal class and for those of you narked cos you missed it I am rerunning the actual journal making class itself so that you can join in with the others. We have details of a fabby Dabby weekend in March and also 2 Ranger days learning all the tips and tricks of the Ranger crew. And of course how could we forget the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman will be teaching once a month.
Times of the preview are at the top of the this page and I really look forward to seeing you there. The Goddess will be assisting me tomorrow and we are always on hand for answering any questions, making tea and providing choccie biccies.
Here's a few more sneak peeks.

Hope that they have wet your appetite a little.

Friday is always one of the days that Maisie sleeps over and the house always looks as though a bomb has dropped. Its a busy life being nearly thee. Theres all that bouncing up and down on the couch.

Theres delicious Chinese soft noodles to be sucked up.

Oranges to be carefully dissected ( Health and Safety please note the use of safety head gear, you can never be too careful!!)

Until finally collapsing on Daddy for a 5 minute breather before starting again lol

Hope to see you tomorrow xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Hi Dyan. Hope to see you this weekend but if not I'll definitely be signing up for some more journaling - may have to make some more pages first - oops! Kate :-)

Dylan said...

I,m not surprised at the rate you are going. But I would rather see full pages as you know. Think you are doing fabby xx

Katy said...

Hi Dyan

I'm hoping to come over on Sunday it will be my first time!!

Hope to see u then.

Katy xx

angie's blogspot said...

hi Dyan, best wishes for your mum, got the mag, had a quick look as I was tired but your alchohol ink tutorial looks fab, in all honesty though I can't say the mag in general grabbed me, I'm a craft stamper girl at heart, hope smiths get it in soon. xxx

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