Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Goddess is 21!!!

Yayy!!!! The Goddess is 21 today. Thats it all of my kids now have the official key of the door. Emmi is the baby of the four of them and she is a darling . She is so laid back and just takes everything in her stride. I have given her the day off and she has chosen to spend it with my mum, who as you know is ill. We are having a birthday tea there tonight as well. Isnt that sweet that she wants to spend it there?? Love her to death.

Thought you might like to see a few photos of her.

I have spent the morning with one of my bezzies Su. Not sure if I told you all about her building a tardis onto her front porch for her younger daughters birthday but it was fab. She then turned it into a grotto for Christmas. Well heres the latest , its her older daughters birthday next week and so we have given it a revamp. Think we could keep this going all year round lol How about Tunnel of love for February?? Su,s birthday in March, Easter bunny grotto in April?? Suggestions on a postcard please!!

Tutorials start tomorrow, the photos are taking far too long to load up today lol

Tutorials start tomorrow, the photos are taking far too long to load up today lol


Tontodollydog said...

Happy birthday to your baby - what a sweet girl spending it with your mum. You must have brought her up sowell. Love the bithday tardis - that so cool - I think it could catch on. How about tartan decor for Burns Day you could do haggis pebbledash lol- there is also Chinese New Year and Australia Day at the end of the month !!!! xx You could make a career out changing the decor on it :-)


borgqueen said...

Happy Birthday to Emmi - looking fabulous, as ever.
Bekah came home from school and grinned from ear to ear at the porch - thank you soooooooo much.
I've found a new use for blonde moments stamps - they've made a fab job of some the icing on my cake (flowers and hearts). Will have to take a pic and send it, now just need to clean the icing out of them for next time I want to stamp with them ;o)

Katy said...

Happy Birthday to Emmi :)

Loving the tardis/tunnel of love!!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your daughter !!! I can't believe you have 5 kids ! WOW you're amazing ;-) Smooches from Belgium !

Marie R said...

Happy Birthday Emmi! Loads of love
the Preston Gang xxxxxx

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