Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday bits and bobs

Ok lots of birthday bits and bobs today. Here's a few pics from Emmi's 21st.

Check out the plastic jewellery!!
No cake for Emmi is complete without Percy Pigs.

Those of you who know mum may be a little shocked at this photo of her. But I felt that it was the best I have seen her for a long time. She loved the fact that Emmi chose to spend the day with her.
And I know you think we are all mad in our house, and you are not far wrong !!!lol So we always make sure that Dad is part of the celebrations!!

Just had to show you these pics of my bezzie Su. She cannot cook to save her life, and it has become a long standing joke . If you remember it is her daughter's 13 birthday and that is why we were repainting the tardis!! Well she decided she was going to make the cake herself lmao!!

Well I am amazed and I have to eat my words, just take a look at this.

All the embellishments are made by pressing Blonde Moments stamps into the icing, cutting out and painting with Edible Pearls. Now that is really neat isn't it??

And for all the people who asked , here is the tardis before its makeover.

Ha ha watch this space , it could be coming to a street near you!!

Keep watch today for the next tutorial.


thekathrynwheel said...

Emmi must be an angel. The world would be a nicer place with more Emmis. As for the visitor coming to your place OMG OMG .... could it be? could it be? If it's a day I have to be at work I can't be held responsible for my actions :-)

Anne Jagger said...

If it's who I think it might be then I agree - work will have to be re-scheduled!! LOL

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